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My life is about to begin

1 year was added to my age yesterday. If life begins at forty then my life is yet about to begin… next year. Birthday has become a moment of reflection to me for the past years, ever since I became a thirty something to be exact.

The inner sight
We all get older that is inevitable but do we all get wiser? That question is unfortunately needed for some people. To be true to yourself is another cookie we have to deal with. What I do, decide and react, my conduct would reflect how I am as a person. Luckily I know myself well to focus on things I like and on which I am good at. This saves me from wasting my time and energy. As time just flies where you stand so are those years passing by just like snap of a finger. As I stated last year, I want to age gracefully. I want to be like a vintage wine, the older the better.

Red wine

Keep on dreaming
Reaching certain age with a special milestone like 30, 40, 50, 60 et cetera obstructs some people to have a dream. There are always tons of excuses for not pursuing the dream. Some even eliminate the idea of pursuing their own dream cause they find it selfish. I have my own dream and I am now investigating some possibilities to reach it. Meanwhile I carry on with my joie de vivre attitude meaning enjoying life to the fullest, exploring new things and keep the balance between work and home by ignoring the upcoming wrinkles and grey hair. I have accepted them as part of me.

To those whose birthday is coming soon, take it easy peasy. After all, age is just a number you exist on earth.


4 thoughts on “My life is about to begin

  1. (Belated) Congratulations.

    Gradually growing older is changing one’s perspective all the time. A fascinating journey. We’ve only to keep our eyes and minds open.

    • Thank you Colson. It is a never ending journey with peaks. During this journey I am fascinated by the physical changes in my body like the expression on my face, how I walk and how my voice sounds. The other day I compared my recent pic with a pic of me when I was in my early 20es. I can tell you I am changed, not much but the change is visible 🙂

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