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Are we free?

Today is Indonesian independence day. As I wrote last year the country has only limited freedom. The question is are Indonesians aware of this?

pic courtesy of Antara News

Misplaced official acknowledgement
Three days a go SBY, Indonesian president, inaugurated Aburizal Bakrie, despised for his role in the Sidoarjo mud flow scandal with the country’s highest order, Adipurna. My surprise became bigger when I learned SBY had also awarded his own wife, first lady Ani Yudhoyono with an order. I couldn’t help but scolding WFT! Yes, WTF did they contribute to the country? Mind you Aburizal Bakrie has been rumoured to be running for president in the next election in 2014 and the current first lady for vice president. So in my eyes acknowledging them with the orders seems misplaced.

Disappointing legal system
Spending my holiday for almost 4 weeks in Indonesia, I have seen, heard and felt myself how the country’s religious tolerance decreasing. I was in splendid Bali when the verdict of Cikeusik trial was spoken, only 6 months imprisonment. While one victim of Cikeusik was also sentence to jail for 6 months. I really don’t get the justice system there anymore. It is either a joke or a enormous blunder. It makes me angry and concerned where the country is going. This time is the Ahmadi the disadvantage victim, next time it could be another who knows.

Above is a part about deteriorating religious climate in Indonesia. I don’t even want to begin about Nazarudin case, the most wanted corrupted politician who has been hijacking the country’s media the past months with his revelations about corruption scandal concerning Democratic Party, the son of the president and a female celebrity parliament member.

Are we free?
Indonesians on Twitter posted tweets today referring to the independence day by writing Merdeka (Freedom). Are they aware the country now needs to be freed from the failed government, its system and network? The unemployment has been rising, unfairly share of prosperity, unreliable legal system and the list goes on and on. These are inheritance the kids get to deal with when they grow up.

I won’t close this post by yelling Merdeka as this won’t correspond with what I write above.

Let’s just hope for the better Indonesia in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Are we free?

  1. Of course you are right. The examples you mentioned are stunning ( Bakrie), saddening ( the lack of social justice) or appalling (Cikeusik).

    On the other I heard some people discuss the famous de Toqueville. He seems to have said ( written) that democracy takes generations to develop. From that perspective it’s no wonder the road to freedom after ’98 is a bumpy one. But in spite of the setbacks it looks like Indonesia is heading for a ( possibly much) brighter future.

    (And of course as a blogger who has the country as his main subject I cherish scandals and the like :))

    • Yeah, I am aware that democracy is a process which could take years to implement it. It is just that the current government makes it worse for some people there. I only hope by writing about this the conciousness to democracy won’t fade away there. People need to hang in there for a bright Indonesia. When that is done, then we can yell loudly Merdeka!

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