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Halal, Kosher vs Animal welfare

A little late than the actual news stream itself I have decided to write this intriguing matter which has been dominating The Netherlands the past weeks beside Greece financial problem.

A concept bill against religious slaughter
The Party for Animals (Partij voor de Dieren) has applied a concept bill against religious slaughter. Religious slaughter, executed by Moslems and Jews  according to their holy books, is considered inhuman by Partij voor de Dieren. The animals are being slaughtered unstunned. This causes too much stress for the animals and therefore inhuman. One of the missions from Partij voor de Dieren is to fight for animal welfare. And how I wish this mission stays so simple to reach but not for this matter.

Which one weighs heavier?
One thing I find very intriguing about this is the priority in this case. Which one weighs heavier? The freedom for Moslems and Jews to practice their faith by performing ritual slaughter according to their holy books or fighting for animal rights? This one is a tough call in a country where meat consumption is high and the pets are part of the family.

Political influence
Partij voor de Dieren applied this concept bill supported by Geert Wilders’ party. Later on other socialist parties followed. The Dutch Labour Party (Partij van de Arbeid) has planned to support this concept bill too but there was doubt within this party, especially by its Moslem and Jewish members. The latest news is that 4 socialist parties will review their intention to support this concept bill. This happened after Moslem and Jewish communities stated to look for other option than ritually slaughter the unstunned animals. By doing this the side of religious groups has shown they are willing to meet Partij voor de Dieren’s concern regarding animal welfare. I will wait and see what actually will come up at the end of this matter.

Coming up!
Meanwhile, I have started a study about the Jews and their belief. I have been intrigued by the hatred towards the Jews, many jokes and stereotypes and off course the Holocaust. When I finish this, I surely will write a post about it.

De Pers


2 thoughts on “Halal, Kosher vs Animal welfare

  1. I guess the predominant motives for support are genuine in most parties and it is anti-Islam as far as the PVV is concerned. No, this should not be a major issue indeed. The bio-industry is a much bigger problem . Actually I got no strong opinion in this matter. On the other hand I think it’s not forbidden to keep on thinking – even if some ‘truths’ written down in ancient books are concerned.

    However I have two doubts about a few facts ( I mean: I am not sure the facts are really solid).

    Does, beyond any doubt,e Jewish Holy Book prescribe all cattle should be slaughtered in the ritual way? Some theologians think that applies tor cattle slaughtered explicitly for Yahweh only.

    Then I think there rather is a touch philosemitism in the discussion in stead of anti-semitism. I*t was only after representatives of the Jewish community spoke their mind the centre parties ( D’66, VVD and PvdA) became hesitant.

    • Colson,

      What intrigues me the most is the tone of the debate. And the concept bill has passed anyway with the typical Dutch gedoogbeleid as a footnote.

      According to Jewish principal which I know, one must slaughter animals which both chew their cud (ruminate) and have cloven hooves can be kosher. Anything beyond that is considered un-kosher. So the Jews only slaughter certain animals which they are allowed to consume.

      About the philosemitism you mentioned above: in The Netherlands people tend not to speak negatives of the Jews. Although for the past year there have been persons and movements who prove the contrary such as De Andere Joodsgeluid, Dries van Agt and Greta Duisenberg.

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