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Pretty food

Last week I had a lunch meeting at Kyoto Café in Amsterdam. The name says it, it is a Japanese Café/Restaurant/Karaoke bar, situated in Damrak in the center of Amsterdam with only 5 minutes walk from the Central Station.

Limitless food
So, there we were, nicely seated and ready for our all you can eat experience.  The food is freshly prepared. The staff is like what you always get in Asian eateries, fast and not really friendly which I understand. The concept is all you can eat for a fixed price so don’t expect a royal treatment here. Clients come here to eat.

Pretty food
3 hours later and to hour satisfaction we concluded that we have ordered almost everything on the menu. So I would really love to share the pics here. This one is highly recommended to visit when you are in Amsterdam. 

Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu, the silky smooth Japanese Tofu in a clear broth with a hint of ginger and soy sauce, delish!

Chilly Prawns
These prawns look as succulent as they tasted. Attention: the chilly sauce is hot.

Chicke Teriyaki
The chicken tasted a bit soggy. It took us 30 minutes to get this presented on our table.

Grilled Eel Sushiroll
This crisp grilled Eel Sushiroll makes you ask for more.

Philly Sushiroll with smoked Salmon and Mayonaise

I prefer the traditional sushiroll, this Philly sushiroll with smoked Salmon, avocado and mayonaise turned out to be good.


4 thoughts on “Pretty food

  1. Ah, where I live there is no decent Japanese restaurant. I need to come to Randstad area for a maximum Japanese food experience. Yes, the food is too pretty to eat though.

  2. Yuumm…food porn! 😀 Tempat aku tinggal di daerah Amstelveen adalah “kiblat” nya Japanese resto + izakaya :).. Korean too bytheway. So, if you want to come by someday, I’d be more than happy to show you around!!

    • Hai Oppie, yes food porn :-). Betul, di Amstelveen itu kota paling banyak orang Jepang tinggal di NL. Wah, kalo aku ada waktu mau main dan cobain Sushinya di Izakaya. I’ll definitely let you know.

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