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Wanted: dead!

I woke up yesterday morning and heard the news. They got him, dead! Osama bin Laden or shortly OBL is finally dead during the action conducted by Navy Seals. The details of the action are worldly spread so there is no need to write about that top-secret operation.

Illegal but legitimate
A Dutch professor specialised in International Law stated in his column today that what USA did was not legal but legitimate. According to his professional view on this, a country has a right to defense its sovereignty. This op was an act of self-defense against possible terror attacks as long as the most wanted man was still alive.

Supporters of Osama bin Laden can still hardly believe that he is dead. They long for solid evidences confirming his death. I expect the US government to release images and video’s of the op. The sea burial of Bin Laden fuels speculations that it is just another plot of the US government. Just like many of Bin Laden’s supporters believe that 9 11 was the work of USA not Al Qaeda. Some of Bin Laden’s supporters live in Indonesia too. I read online comments at several forums, some are nasty and despise all things come from the west, with USA and Israel on top. For them, Bin Laden died as a holy martyr. They refuse the report that Bin Laden used one of his wives as human shield, preventing himself of getting killed. There are also comments of peaceful muslims who emphasize that Bin Laden was a terrorist. He did not represent Islam and that he, please note, also did not give a damn if women and children in the Arab world were killed in order to reach his goals.terrorisme has no religion

Has justice been done?
I don’t know, perhaps. To my opinion, killing Bin Laden won’t end terrorism. This won’t bring back the loved ones died during his many terror attacks. Parents of a Dutch woman who died in WTC 2 on 9 11 asked for more privacy these days as Dutch media want to know their reaction about this news. These parents issued a statement that they were relieved but this wouldn’t bring their daughter back.

I understand the euphoria which dominated the people of USA cause they finally succeeded in killing the bad guy but honestly I also worry about what may come.


4 thoughts on “Wanted: dead!

  1. Hello Marianne,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment only minutes after this post is published.

    I didn’t know that he was already dead. Just as I don’t know for sure whether Elvis or Hitler are dead. What I know that yesterday the whole world knew it. If this is meant to be used to enhance Obama’s image in the country ( May I assume that you are a USA citizen?), that is not what we here in The Netherlands and the rest of the world perceive.

  2. Your post to me seems to be much more balanced and relaxed than the overheated analysis of experts in the media.

    And by the way: I will not miss the bastard and I will not blame the US, but the way he was murdered was both a breach of sovereignty ( of Pakistan) and a breach of international law.

    • Thanks Colson. I won’t miss ABL either but I’m not sure if world would be a better place without him cause terror would always be used by movements to as an attempt to reach their goals no matter which background they have.

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