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From Kate to Catherine

A busy royal week-end is approaching. Approximately 2 billions people will watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on the television. Those in London will witness this live tomorrow, through big screens or by just standing along the route where the newly weds will pass in their carriage or perhaps in a car for safety reason.

The Wedding
This is definitely the wedding of the year. Nowadays celebrities are daily royals to most people, but tomorrow a real prince is going to tie the knot with an ordinary girl. The fascination of the royalties fans, how the media follow this is huge. There are speculations about the dress, the cake and their honeymoon destination. For example about the dress. Kate would definitely wear a veil, but how long would it be. Would it be in lace or plain? How long would her gloves be? Which tiara would she wear? The hair up in a bun or lose? Those are questions fashion world has been asking ever since the engagement last November.

Kate William by Mario Testino

Another important thing is the guest list. European major royalties would be present, some celebrities from the entertainment industry are also invited but not the Obama’s. I imagine the English MI5 and Scotland Yard have been working hard excluding al safety threats imaginable.

Will and Kate wedding souvenir

Waitey Katey
Unlike the wedding of Will’s parents which I closely followed (at that time I was 9 years old and my mother was a die-hard Lady Di’s fan), I only get information here and there about this two youngsters. I know that Kate’s nick name is Waitey Katey due to her lack of ambition of building a career. The English press has started to call her that because Kate seemed to have waited, all those years, for being  proposed by her real life prince. Yes, she had worked at her parent’s company but this apparently doesn’t count. This is on the contrary of what William’s mom did, Diana was a kindergarten teacher when she met prince Charles. It is not easy being compared to dead people, let alone being compared to the late Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer, the people’s princess. I mean Diana, Will’s mother is a legend in both English modern history as well as in the pop culture. So I do feel sorry for Kate for this matter.

 Diana Princess of Wales

From Kate to Catherine
I read the other day that Kate would be officially called Catherine starting from tomorrow. Catherine sounds indeed more suitable in the royal house while Kate is more like a girl next door. I wonder what she would do in her daily life after the honeymoon ends. It seems boring to me to have to accompany your husband all the time without having something to do of your own. For example, princess Maxima, Dutch crown prince’s wife, was a banker at Deutsche Bank in NYC, USA before she married Willem Alexander. Maxima commits herself now to be the ambassador of micro credits for people in developing countries but Dutch royal house is somewhat a bit flexible and more relax compared to the Windsors. So I sincerely wish Will & Kate a fabulous wedding and a happily ever after. And please don’t forget to show us a seriously emotional and romantic kiss on the balcony.

Pics: all three from The Telegraph. The black and white were shot by Mario Testino


2 thoughts on “From Kate to Catherine

  1. Two billion people watching this event.. Amazing.

    What’s so fascinating about royalty and more specifically a royal wedding – which is a feudal and medieval phenomenon essentially – in our times? It’s one of the little mysteries of life I’m afraid I never will understand :).

    Anyhow, I hope the billions of the audience will see a wonderful spectacle and will have the opportunity to shed some tears of sympathy at the emotional highlights.

    • Perhaps because most women still dream on their prince to come and rescue them? For me, I watched this most part to see who wore what (fashion wise thus).

      The public was rewarded with two kisses at the balcony.

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