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Culinary indulgence

Regulars at this blog know that I am a foodie wannabee. I love to eat, prepare the food and taking pictures of it. Since last week I have started counting down to Indonesian culinary indulgence cause this summer I will spend my holiday at my home country.

I have a habit to enjoy culinary indulgence to the fullest during holiday in Indonesia. An Indonesian friend of mine told me she wrote everything she wanted to eat during her stay in Indonesia every time she went on vacation there. After having eaten one dish, she would tick it on the list. Her reason doing this was not to regret on the plane back to The Netherlands that she had missed eating some dishes she would have like to. So 8 years a go  I started listing the food I must eat in Indonesia. It worked wonderfully. I had not missed any kind of food ever since. And man, now the list has become longer and longer for the upcoming holiday this summer.

What’s on my list?
On top of my list there is Bakmi Ayam (see pic below, that’s my homemade Bakmi Ayam). It is a noodle dish with flour based noodles in clear chicken broth, Bokchoy, stir fried chicken pieces accompanied with beef meatballs (bakso). My all time favourite Bakmi Ayam is the one from Bakmi GM. On the arrival day I always manage to squeeze some time to fulfill this Bakmi Ayam craving at a Bakmi GM branch en route to my mom’s house from the airport.

Bakmi Ayam

The runner-up at my list is Pempek Palembang (again, you see on the pic my very own version of Pempek Palembang). Pempek Palembang comes from Palembang at South Sumatra. Almost every Indonesian loves this particular dish. Pempek is made of grounded Spanish mackerel mixed with Tapioca flour transformed in to paste, boiled and then deep-fried served with tangy sauce based on the sourest vinegar there is and lots of venomous Bird’s eye chillies and cucumber cubes. It is hot, sour and fresh. A good way to stay alert during the hot, humid afternoon.

Pempek Palembang

Pempek Palembang is followed by Sate Ayam on the third place. And then there is an array of food varies from savory to sweet, from appetizer to dessert for example Klepon (see pic). Klepon is a Javanese sweet delicacy, made of glutinous sticky rice flour with melted coconut based brown sugar in it, finished with grated coconut. Klepon is available in green and white version. The best is to eat Klepon with a cuppa Jasmine tea in the afternoon.

Klepon putih

So you see for each occasion of the day, there is something I can try. It sounds like I would shamelessly commit gluttony but I actually don’t. Sampling a bite would make me more than happy. Since there is a lot to try. As we speak,  I have 110 on my list and still listing.

Jakarta Street food
And the list is not only just about food. It represents the aroma, the atmosphere, some places I went to or even places where I was a regular. Last year I stumbled upon a video series of Jakarta Street Food on YouTube. Those videos show how the street food in Jakarta is prepared, simple but yet so strong. It is incredible to cure homesick of a migrant living abroad like me. I choose to embed this video below. It is a fish head curry Padang, West Sumatra style. Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern, eat your heart out!


4 thoughts on “Culinary indulgence

  1. There is a touch of sadism in this tasty post ;). We can see the delicacies :), but we can’t touch and taste it… 😥

  2. I also made the list years ago, so I would not miss any food as well. But now that I have been living abroad for more than half of my life, I don’t bother anymore but of course I would just eat everything when I have the chance to be in jkt:) You are such a good cook!!!

    • Merci Garile. As I stated in the post, it’s more than just eating food, but experiencing the ambiance, breathing the aroma and sampling the texture which draw me to foodlisting.

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