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Finding the golden hour

I have been taking pics since December 2009. The last two months, I had started experimenting with the light. In the photography one of the most suitable moments to capture the light is during the golden hour.

The golden hour or magic hour is the first and last hour of the sunlight in a day. Practically speaking it’s about taking pics during sunset or sunrise. To define when the golden hour precisely occurs where you are at, check this out. In this cool site you only have to type in the coordinates of your location, then voilà you’ll see what time the golden hour is.

Why is it special?
The warm light tones make almost any pics look good. Then there is a contrast but yet subtle fading  light difference which adds more drama to the pics. Sometimes, the tones aren’t just golden brownish but also pinkish like the second and the third pics shown here.

Daffodils 3 during the golden hour

Daffodils during the golden hour

Cherry Blossoms 2 during the golden hour

Cherry Blossoms 1 during the golden hour

The Narcissus/Daffodils were shots at 7 am in the morning, the cherry blossoms were shot at 8.10 pm in the evening.


7 thoughts on “Finding the golden hour

  1. I have always heard the importance of taking pictures during sunrise and sunset, but unfortunately too lazy to follow the advice LOL

    The only time I could take picture according to the golden hours rule is in the winter (because sunrise and sunset is late and early), and by that time I don’t think I even want to go out in that temperature :p

    • Your effort finding the golden hour will be rewarded with good pics. With the variations in light tones, all pics shot during the golden hour would be wonderful.

    • Ah Colson, practice makes perfect. 3 months ago I hardly knew how to deal with photo shooting during the golden hour. Now I know. And I’d like to share it with you all.

    • You’re welcome Yi. Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is great and contains many useful tips. I guess I’d link some of the posts you have there if you don’t mind.

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