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Isn’t She Lovely

Stevie Wonder wrote Isn’t She Lovely for his daughter Aisha. This song starts with Aisha crying. I find this a very touchy song. You can hear his pride and joy being a father. Despite being blind Stevie Wonder expressed excellently how lovely Aisha was. Not many people are so gifted like him.

China Girl

This pic is my Isn’t She Lovely version to my daughter, G. She was dressed as a China Girl during the Carnaval last week.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely

  1. She IS lovely. Your daughter I mean :).She wears a smashing dress. But the great, beautiful,charming smile does it really. You definitely have a wonderful daughter. So how did she like Carnaval?

    [By the way: though I wasn’t a particular lover of Motown, this LP ( Songs in the key of life) still is in a place of honour among the old collection of records. Apart from “Isn’t she lovely” I remember I also often played “Ebony Eyes”, which is on the extra EP.]

  2. Thank you Colson. Yeah, she enjoyed it so much despite the procession in the cold temperature. We live beneath the big rivers, nearby Nijmegen. Just about the invisible ‘border’ parting the protestants and the catholics here in NL. About that dress: that little missy decided to wear a chinese dress after she’s learned that her grandmother from her father’s side is a chinese.

    Hm, Stevie Wonder is one of the legends from his era. I love his music. The lyrics are pure. Yeah, my husband still cherishes his LP collection. So we have Songs in the key of life in LP, CD and MP3 🙂

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