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Domino Effect

After the euphoria of proven people’s power in Egypt and Tunisia, the world holds its breath for developing tensions in Libya, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and other countries in the politically heated Middle East. This continuously state of alert in the region has driven the price of the black gold up. Yesterday the price of 1 liter petrol in The Netherlands had reached the highest since June 2008, namely € 1,67. When the situation would not stabilize in those countries, experts foresee the price would rise untill € 1,80 a liter!


Image: Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So, that’s a short explanation how the deteriorating situation has affected us here in the west. Through this post I try to present some news which have taken place related to this conflicted area, directly or indirectly.

Middle East Map

North Africa region map

Singing for the rulers
Actually for his sons. This week we have been hearing news in the media about artists who performed at new year parties hosted by Khadaffi’s son in chique St. Barths. Some of them declared publicly to donate the money they received for performing to good causes.  It is a good gesture of them to decide not to keep the money. Nelly Furtado and Beyoncé gave for example US $ 1 million they earned to charities. Would they have done this in the first place? I don’t know cause money talks. It’s also easy money cause some of the artists only had to sing 6 songs (mini concert) to earn such amount of money. Could we expect the artists to use their conscience by not accepting gigs from such obscure characters like the sons of Khadaffi?

Delicate matter
Another important thing to pay attention to is how to deal with the rulers of those countries? It is delicate matter indeed. This conflict is a domestic affair but yet it influences many aspects in world politics and economy. For example: before the escalation, there was an official state visit planned of Queen Beatrix to Oman. As we know, in Oman people’s power has been stirring up. Yesterday it was reported that Beatrix has cancelled her visit. Today it is clear that Beatrix is going to Oman anyway. Ok, not under the official state visit, but she’s going to Oman next Tuesday for a dinner with King Qaboos who invited her privately. Beatrix attends this private dinner with granted permission of the PM, Mark Rutte. I wonder if the commerce delegation would travel along with the queen too.

Anyway, this turbulent situation in the Middle East seems to have set a chain reaction to democracy like a domino effect. The question is, on what cost and when would this domino effect reaches its end?

De Gelderlander


2 thoughts on “Domino Effect

  1. I can’t argue the historic proportions of the revolts. But it also reveals our Western cynical attitude. Dictators and appalling violations of human rights may be wrong but like Brecht said: “Est kommt das Fressen, dann die Moral” (or, loosely translated from German: profits prevail over morals).We ignore atrocities in as long they provide lucrative deals.

    We preach about democracy, freedom and human rights, but worry mainly about stability, gas and oil. I don’t want to single out the Beyoncés of this world, but actually their sudden indignation and generosity shows the ( our) hypocrisy.

  2. It is what we call applying double standard, right?

    De facto and de jure the increasing conflicts are domestic affairs of those countries. Unfortunately they affect the rest of the world directly and indirectly.

    The west has tolerated most dictatorial administrations in the region, calling this maintaining the stability there. But now that the people shows they want democracy, ‘their conscience’ comes to the surface. This suddenly emerged conscience is in some cases similar to hipocrisy like you stated.

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