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It happened again!

Exactly on the birthday of the holy prophet Mohammed today there were four people injured in an attack at an Islamic boarding school, or pesantren, in the Kenep village of Beji in Pasuruan, East Java. The Islamic boarding school teaches its students Shiite Islam. The attackers were believed to be Sunni Moslems like most of Indonesians are. Further story is available at Jakarta Globe.

Violence chronicle
Indonesia has been experiencing violence acts with religious background these past weeks. I shared the attack of Cikeusik last week. The day after Cikeusik attack, 3 churches in Temanggung (see pic below), Central Java, were burnt as a reaction of a Christian who was accused of spreading leaflets insulting the Islam and Catholicism.

It is very sad and quite disturbing to see how the hardliners trying to protect the peaceful religion by committing violence while Islam literary means peace.

A theory
A theory has been circling around that all this is orchestrated by a higher invisible hand. And I don’t mean God by this. It is assumed that those attackers were puppets of some groups who deliberately cause unrest in the country. Religious conflicts are used to infer people’s attention far away from endlessly corruption cases.

Whatever reason is behind these attacks, it just doesn’t justify people to kill fellow human beings just because they practise another teachings.


2 thoughts on “It happened again!

  1. These incidents may, well probably have been orchestrated by some mighty people ( the army?). But they couldn’t happen, the FPI would not be a mass organization, if there wasn’t a fertile soil for violent intolerance in parts of society.

    Well, violence is a latent danger in any society. Everywhere is discontent. The question is why these days in Indonesia violence manifests itself so frequently and on such a large scale. I wonder if some leaders ( the likes of Abu Bakar Bashir) who underline and exploit the intolerant traits of religion, are at the root of the phenomenon.

  2. Colson, The whole idea of this orchestrated violence scares me, in particular as my family is a minority there, in general that some people there are easily provoked to cause riots in the name of God.

    Sad, very sad. I hope this religious intolerance will soon be over, for every one’s sake there.

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