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Not only for lovers

Today is Valentine’s day. Actually I don’t celebrate it. As I believe we don’t need one special day to express how we care about our loved ones. Above all Valentine’s day has been too exploited as a commercial event the past years to my opinion. What do people do on this day? Les gens amoureux (people in love) give their precious gifts like Cards, Chocolates and Flowers (if it possible Red Roses).

Red Tulips
This morning my daughter woke up very  excitedly. She handed my husband a card and gave me a box of chocolate (see pic) during breakfast. It was touchy, how she has kept it a secret for us two.

Box of Chocolates
It is his fault
Valentine’s day is mostly celebrated by people who are in love. Or by those so called secrets admirers. The ones who don’t dare (or are afraid of rejection) to declare their feeling to the one they fall in love with. In my whole life I received 2 cards of a secret admirer when I was in college. Well, the admirer wasn’t that secret cause I had an idea who he was. But since he didn’t claim it was him who sent me those cards, I didn’t react. Imagine how embarrassing for me it could be if it wasn’t him after all? For all this unanswered love you can blame Cupid. He is the one who just points his arrow through one’s heart without considering of direction is right. He doesn’t care whether the love would be replied in return. Cupid on the pic below is a collection of Pergamon Museum, Berlin.

Cupid collection of Pergamon Museum, Berlin
Not only for lovers

Today  I have learned in a real life that Valentine’s day is not only for lovers. It gave me a warm feeling to accept the gift from my daughter this morning. She has chosen today to express her love to us, her parents, more than any other days. Thanks G, we love you, unconditionally.

To all who celebrate: Happy Valentine’s Day! To those secret admirers out there here’s Chet Baker’s moody ‘My Funny Valentine’ for you. May you’ll find your Valentine soon.


4 thoughts on “Not only for lovers

  1. Actually you wrote about my opinion on Valentine. And for sure you are lucky to have such a loving an considerate daughter.

    And by the way: Chet Baker! I always loved it like crazy (well almost as crazy as I loved his trumpet).Wow. Great.

    • So we share the same opinion about this. The surprise was great cause my husband and I know very well that she can hardly keep a secret 🙂

      And about Chet Baker, sometimes when I walk on Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam I can’t help to think of him.

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