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Brutally butchered….in the name of God

Yesterday was the day of religious concord in Indonesia but what took place there was beyond belief. Three were brutally killed and five were injured in an attack against the Ahmadiyah congregation in the village of Umbulan Cikeusik, Pandeglang regency West Java yesterday morning.

How could this come that far?
Ahmadiyah congreration calls itself as a Moslem denomination but strong moslem groups don’t accept this. Since Ahmadiyah teaching doesn’t recognize Muhammad as the ultimate and last prophet like it is stated in the Qur’an. Last year Indonesian ministry of belief issued a law which forbids Ahmadiyah congregation. A fatwa of MUI, Indonesia Moslem Scholar Organisation doesn’t recognize Ahmadiyah as well.

This fact was used yesterday by the villagers to officially and brutally butcher the Ahmadis. There is a short footage of the attack on YouTube available. Be warned, it contains graphic violence.

Indonesian government fail
There were approximately 1500 villagers who attacked the Ahmadis (only 20 of them including women and children). The present police on site was helpless and did nothing to stop the attack.

“That was a systematic attack. We had received information that people would launch an attack three days earlier, but yet the police still failed to prevent the clash,” Zafrullah told a press conference held at the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI).

Killing in the name of God
I thought we lived in 2011 but seeing this I definitely conclude some of my fellow country men still stuck in the dark age. How come they could kill people in the name of God? Which God did they serve yesterday?

My support
I condemn this barbaric act strongly. Yesterday it was the Ahmadi, tomorrow it could be Christians, Buddhists or Hindus. I wrote about the increasing religious tension in Indonesia last year. That the limited freedom is to be cherished.

To express my concern I write this thread and I have also (re)tweeted feeds about this since yesterday. I choose to write this in English so people abroad knows what is now happening in Indonesia.

If you care about fellow human being, no matter in what God they believe please support GSKBI (Gerakan Solidaritas Kebebasan Beragama di Indonesia) or Solidarity Movement for Religious Freedom in Indonesia. Visit Rima’s blog for the official press release of GSKBI. It is written in Bahasa Indonesia.

On Twitter? Put a hash tag before GSKBI. I put the logo as my profile picture on Facebook and on Twitter. Please spread the words. We can’t just watch, condemn and doing nothing about it.

Source: The Jakarta Post


2 thoughts on “Brutally butchered….in the name of God

  1. It is horrible. And it is not a unique, exceptional incident either. On the contrary, it’s part of a hate campaign. Maybe backed by members of a by politically motivated bunch of influential bastards.

    So, each and every sensible citizen should support any action to counter this kind of aggression by zealots. This one included.

  2. It is horrible indeed. What I don’t get is the Ahmadiyah has existed since 1920-es. Before SBY administration there was no violence against them (at least, not one that I knew of). Now there’s a violent attack one after another against other religions. This makes me really sad. People are butchered in the name of God while God doesn’t asked to be defensed. Strange world we live in, isn’t it?

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