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Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday. For those of you who haven’t ever heard about this, Blue Monday is the third monday of January and the most depressing day of the year. Why? The winter isn’t over yet, the resolutions you’ve made with old and new seem hard to realize and the guilty feeling about the abundant spending you did during the holiday season. Some people believe this theory, some not.

Travel reservations  
According to travel sector in The Netherlands, they have seen an increase in online travel reservations to sunny destinations the past years during Blue Monday. The Dutches tend to do this to compensate the depressing feeling they have during Blue Monday. Figures will tell us tomorrow whether the travel sector would profit more at this intriguing day.

My own Blue Monday
I’ve experienced a bit of Blue Monday today. My daughter is sick. She has flu. The whole day she was lying on the couch with me on her side, ailing. Now, she’s asleep and suddenly I feel the urge to update my blog. Shame on me for not updating my home regularly. Every year I make a resolution to share my thoughts here. There is no legitimate excuse not to do this. So, how about starting from today at Blue Monday?


2 thoughts on “Blue Monday

  1. A very bright edge to the blue Monday: a new post by you.

    First of all: a belated very Happy New Year to you. I trust your resolution will come true and that I will read many of your inspiring posts this year.

    Oh, I hope your daughter will recover soon .I guess she’s going through a touch of flue, isn’t she?

    • Colson, I wish you a prosperous, happy, healthy and smooth 2011! I hope I’d be able to write entries more than last year. I aim to write at least 1 post a month. Yes, my daughter has suffered from flu since last Sunday and me too since today. Thanks, I hope we both get better soon.

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