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Stolen Poppies

Last Saturday a Van Gogh worth $50 million was stolen from a museum in Cairo, Egypt. The painting was cut off from the frame. It has been recovered at Cairo airport hours after being stolen from a city museum, according to Egypt’s culture minister Farouk Hosni. Two persons were arrested while trying to leave the country with the painting. Later the apprehension of alledgedly thieves was withdrawn.

Can you imagine, only 7 out of 43 cameras worked! The museum’s collection consists of works of Monet, Gauguin, Renoir. Now experts start to worry about this valuable collection due to museum’s major security problem.  Van Gogh’s Poppies (Klaprozen ) had been stolen before in 1978. 2 years later this art work was found in Kuwait.

The stolen painting.

Poppies by Van Gogh 1887 

The other Poppies
Van Gogh made a serie of Poppies. I gladly share this here. This one underneath is one of my favorites. It’s a part of Van Gogh Museum’s collection in Amsterdam.

Butterflies and Poppies by Van Gogh 1890

Why I love this painting
Because of its simplicity. Poppies grow in the wild here. Van Gogh captured this nicely with Butterflies which add balance to the painting. The brush strokes seem taken in an almost childish way. I can tell however that Van Gogh had studied this over and over before he went over to really painting it after having drawn a sketch.

This is the oldest one of the serie.

Vase with red Poppies Van Gogh 1886

So, which one do you find beautiful? Care to share?

 source: historiek.net


4 thoughts on “Stolen Poppies

  1. Since I don’t know the details I should be careful, but to me it seems like pretty stunning example of lack of security in this museum.

    As fr the painting itself, I have to admit that Van Gogh is not my favourite ( German expressionists are).

    By the way: it’s not ( just) because you loved it best, not because it’s in the Van Gogh Museum, yet I also prefer “butterflies and poppies”. If only because of the apparent lightness of the painting.

  2. Oh Colson, you are into German expressionists? Care to share with me?

    I just can’t stop wondering how the museum fails in protecting the valuable collection if only 7 of 43 cameras worked?

    Butterflies and poppies is good right?

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