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Getting older

When I was 16 I desperately wanted to be 18 in order to be able to get into a discotheque. Then I turned 18. At that time young women of the age of 21 seemed so cool and collected to me. So I wanted to be 21 then. When I reached that wanted age, I just enjoyed being 21.  After that age, the wanting to be older than I was stopped. I had developped a certain contentment with my own self. Gladly this achievement has stayed ever since.

Physical condition
Despite this comforting state of mind, getting older physically is of course unevitable. As I stated before, age is just a number you exist on earth. However, each morning I am confronted with more and more grey hair and wrinkles in early stage. I find this interesting though; how human body evoluates. And how some people desperately try to cope with this or how some are fighting this in natural or plastic way.

The fear
I do wonder why we are commonly afraid of getting older. Is it the physical decay of it or the unknown of what might happen? Why don’t we just embrace it as it is. Afterall we can’t turn back the time, can we? I would not want to be 21-year-old Lorraine again. By that time I was still busy with my own soul searching. Now, here I am with a bunch of grey hair at both sides of my head, soft wrinkles around my (according to my daughter, most of the time puffy) eyes and yet comfortable with my shortcomings.

PS There are unwritten rules among women not to  maintain long hair after 30. I can’t imagine myself without long hair. It  is a part of my identity and I love it.

Picture by Jasmine


4 thoughts on “Getting older

  1. How right you are. Grow older graciously and mentally stick to our absolute age, that’s what we should do.

    Well, 18 and 21 was glorious of course. I for one will not deny the excitement of those days. But actually I believe that always the best is still to come. And I do definitely prefer my seventy-something to some of my teenager’s years.

  2. Thank you Colson. So we share the same opinion about this. Getting older graciously and wiser. And then not to forget keep enjoying life as it is, la joie de vivre!

  3. If grey hair is the sign of aging, I’ve been aging since the age of 11 years old. Hereditary from my dad’s side. Other than that, I’m loving my wrinkles around the eyes 🙂

    • You just like my older sister. She has been graying (her own words LOL) since she was 12 years old. Do you dye it?

      Yeah, bring the eyes wrinkles on, nothing can’t stop them from coming anyway!

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