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The Vote

An election for aldermen for most Dutch municipalities will be held on 3 March. I received a vote card last week. This would be my very first right to vote for aldermen in the municipality where I reside.

Not into local politic
Although I’ve been living in The Netherlands for nearly 15 years but I’m not Dutch citizen, yet. That’s why this vote card had surprised me. I’m interested in Dutch national politic but not in the local one. The fall of Dutch cabinet over Afghanistan mission yesterday has made it complicated for me concentrating on local parties’ programmes.

What is now happening? due to the government’s fall, national election must be held within 84 days after Dutch Queen accepts the cabinet’s resignation. The PM applied the resignation to the Queen yesterday. This means that from now on leading political parties are starting their campaign for national election. Of course, national campaign over shadows the local campaign, leaving me with confusion behind.

What most people want
Actually almost exactly the same as with national election: lower the taxes, make the environment better that it’s more worthliving and take good care of the kids and the elderly people.

So wish me luck, I hope I’ll bring my vote to the right one.


2 thoughts on “The Vote

  1. So, good luck. It can’t go wrong, because the main thing is participating.

    Personally I’m looking for representatives who tell where the money should come from (higher taxes in my opinion) and who promise to spend it on education, culture and helping the poor and unemployed. Moreover I hope they will have ideas to stop the Wilders’-folly.

  2. Colson,

    Unfortunately I can’t find a link at stemwijzer to the parties of my municipality. So, I’m still busy with the orientation.

    You are right, in order to overcome the crisis, higher taxes would be unevitable I’m afraid.

    Concering Wilders’ folly, we just have to wait and see. One thing I’m sure about him, his party’s programme is too limited.

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