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Welcoming 2010

Only a day then we are going to step to another decade after the hype about Millenium Bug Y2K  in 1999 to 2000.

Top ten lists
These days I’ve come across top ten lists about almost everything. Let it be a list of top ten resolutions, top ten celebrity mistakes (with Tiger Woods leading role) and top ten natural disasters.

Short review past decade
This past decade has been a complicated one. Terror, increasing gap between West and East, the newborn hope with the USA president elect B.O. and last but not least the economy crisis. Although I begin to see the economy crisis as a good lesson for us to learn. This crisis allows us to really see to what matters in life. It isn’t all about the money & me..me..me…first attitude, but the turning point for looking to oneself.

My hopes for 2010
All I hope for the coming year is: good health for the peope I care, prosperity & being content with myself. Happy new year!


6 thoughts on “Welcoming 2010

  1. Happy New Year to you too! I have stopped making meaningful resolutions a while ago. I Can’t even remember I made one for last year, but I think I did say in my blog I was going to have less mummy tantrums (the opposite happened of course!). But reading yours, I might give the “being content with oneself” a go…. LOL! oxox

  2. yoyen, haiii kangen 🙂
    selamat tahun baru 2010, semoga yang diinginkan dapat tercapai. salam untuk keluarga ya. adakah fb? kalau boleh add 🙂

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