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Another Theory

Last Sunday British scientist Martin Baily offered the art world a new theory of a reason why Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear. According to Baily it happened due to Theo’s (Vincent’s brother and the one who supported him both emotionally and financially) plan to get married. Complete story about this is available here.

A new different theory
This new theory is totally different compared to what I wrote a while ago, with Gauguin as a ‘suspect’. I find it fairly interesting to follow the research method, based on the paintings & many letters Vincent wrote. It is a coincidence that all of Vincent’s letters are being exposed right now at Van Gogh’s Museum in Amsterdam till 3 January 2010. You can read all of the 902 letters to and from Van Gogh here.

As to the theories, I prefer that one with Gauguin in it. It is more dramatic, like the Master himself. Which one do you prefer?


One thought on “Another Theory

  1. I absolutely go along with your preference – much more romantic.

    (However, because life sucks, probably the dullest explantion will come out to be the truth in the end.. And well, after all it is not because of his ear Vincent is on the Parnassus)

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