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Sweet little thing

Macaron is a  French cookie, made of egg whites, almond powder, icing sugar and sugar. This sweet pastry is a round puffy meringue (egg white based dough)-like domes with a flat base joined together by a sweet cream spread called ganache.

Macarons Mania
Macarons, pronounced as “macaroons” in English, have ‘attacked’ Dutch culinary world the past year. Almost all culinary magazines have covered this pretty looking pastry. It is considered bon ton to get Macarons imported from famous French Patissiers like Pierre Hermé or Ladurée. As you can see on the websites of these distinguished Parisian Patissiers, Macarons are serious business.

Macarons made in NL
Me myself had a chance today to take a bite on a green  (pistache based) macaron from a local Patissier. For a second after I put my teeth in the puffy macaron, a moment later on, this sweet little thing melted in my mouth leaving trace of sweetness. I am curious whether Macarons would be welcomed publicly in NL.

To kill your curiosity, I share some pics of this delicate treat for the sweet tooth among us. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Sweet little thing

  1. “I am curious whether Macarons would be welcomed publicly in NL.”:

    A very tasty account. Your entry won me over; I will gladly take part in the Maracon promotion tour.

    • Colson, with Christmas day Appie Heijn had it in its assortment, but the freezer version. According to my ‘sources’ in Laren & Amsterdam Zuid some decent Macarons are available.

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