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They were once unknown

Two helpers to lower her on to the sofa and her own personal toilet roll: Mariah Carey’s diva-style behaviour on GMTV is revealed by Kate Garraway
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The Diva
Well, actually I don’t post entries about well known people that much except movie reviews. Miss Carey however, has forced me to write this. My first reaction reading the article above was: can’t she just sit on the sofa without being worried about her dress. Come on, miss Carey wasn’t born with a silver spoon. She was once unknown. I really don’t get her behaviour.

Local on line celeb with attitude
As I don’t get the behaviour of some on line celebrities also. Especially when they are known locally, in this case Indonesia. I met this person on line and I commented to his/her note. In case of reacting to my comment, this person neglected my comment. I didn’t pay attention to this, cause, hey perhaps this person (it will give this person too much credit if I reveal whether it’s a he or a she) didn’t feel like reacting to my comment. The next day, I made a comment which stayed unreplied. Instead what this local on line celebrity did was posting another entry in which I could read something like, doesn’t she (me)  know who I am?

I am so sincerely sorry. I didn’t know who you were. Now I know who you are cause I told an Indonesian on line friend about this. This friend told me about you, the local on line celebrity. This makes me wonder, I am an Indonesian living abroad. Although I’m quite active on line doesn’t mean that I’m supposed to know all Indonesian on line celebrities.

So, what I’d like to pass on here is: for worldly famous  celebrities & the local ones (Indonesian in my case) don’t forget, once you were unknown. Your ‘fans’ have made what you are right now.


2 thoughts on “They were once unknown

  1. There’s such thing as Indonesian online celeb? Geez! Being away from Indonesia, I have no clue who is who in the ‘real’ Indonesian celebrity, let alone the online version.

  2. Apparently yes Din. I’d just found this out. You describe my way of thinking quite well. Even if they are famous, I don’t give a damn. All I need is an online contact no matter who they are.

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