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Falling Stars

The world famous Michelin Guide is on sale starting today. The red guide (for the experts) for restaurants and hotels is available in 26 edition for 23 countries or world parts. Interested in further information about this? click here.

Falling stars in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands there are totally 91 restaurants with Michelin star(s), 12 of them are newcomers on the prestigious list.  Last year only 83 restaurants were blessed with this achievement.  The Michelin guide Netherlands offers a selection of 2 restaurants with 3 stars, 14 restaurants with 2 stars and 75 restaurants with 1 star. In this culinary guide book one particular restaurant got an upgrade, it went from 1 to 2 stars: Boreas in Heeze. And last but not least, there are 11 newcomers with 1 star.

How it started
The Michelin guide is notorious among restaurant’s owners and chefs. THe inspectors who secretly eat at the restaurants are feared in the business. This guide was firstly published in France in 1900 by Michelin, yes the French tyre maker. Michelin started collecting useful addresses of restaurants and hotels at that time for its guide book. This book was meant to Michelin’s tyre users and others. Gradually the culinary selection had become more and more important to restaurants in France and so in other countries. That important that getting or losing the star could be a matter of life and death for a restaurant.

My experience with Michelin Guide
I know how important a Michelin Star is for a restaurant based on my own experience. Long long a go before the Euro even existed therefore the price was reasonably affordable for ordinary people, my husband and I ate at one restaurant with 2 Michelin stars somewhere in the Netherlands. It was all worth it! Everything went perfectly from the moment we entered the building, during the dinner the waiters and Sommelier stood by, far enough to mind us privacy but yet alert the whole night to serve our very needs.  Not to mention the personnel’s knowledge of the meals served that night, how they were prepared. It felt like I listened to a storyteller when the maître d’ explained the origin of the ingredients used in my dessert. The restaurant management had kept us in their data base for several years until the chef quit his job. A year later, this restaurant lost 2 stars at once! And now, it is just vanished!

Budget friendly sister guide
For the foodies among us, there is luckily Bib Gourmand, the budget friendly sister guide of Michelin guide. This guide offers a selection of restaurants with 3 courses (appetizer, main course & dessert) menu price for max € 35! In the Netherlands there are 93 restaurants in Bib Gourmand.

This Bib Gourmand confirms the trend in the culinary world: the rising numbers of informal but yet comfortable eateries without rich interior but culinary proper. And don’t forget the affordable price in this time of crisis.

Bon Appetit!

Not satisfied with Michelin selection? Try Gault Millau Guide. Gault Millau offers Wine Guide and Paris Guide too.


One thought on “Falling Stars

  1. I haven’t had luck trying out Michelin-star restaurants in the Netherlands, but with limited experience eating out around Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I could say loads of places serve good food anyway. You guys are lucky! 🙂

    OTT, a couple of weeks when I was in London I had chances to try out wacky menus from Champor-Champor (even the decor is as wacky as its menu with a mixture of every Asian furniture including a statue that looks like a horse or cow but with a female face and a pair of breasts) and an Indian restaurant I can’t remember its name. Not sure what ratings they get, but the experiences linger until now, expecially the ‘star anise martini’ and ‘frog legs with salted duck egg’….

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