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Breast Cancer doesn’t discriminate

I’ll be damned if I don’t pay attention to breast cancer in the month of October. As you all perhaps know, October is a month of breast cancer awareness. And as you can see I support Pink Ribbon (see the badge on the third column here) . The story behind me supporting Pink Ribbon is here.


Pink Ribbon Magazine
The title of this post is the red line of the Pink Ribbon magazine issue this year. On the cover you see the black beauty Giovanca, Dutch model and singer. The girl next to her is a real breast cancer survivor.

It could happen to you
As I state above, breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. It could happen to everyone regardless the ethnic. In this glossy you can read interviews with 4 women from various ethnic. 2 have survived it, the other half is still suffering from it with good and bad days because of the chemotherapy they have to take. In the tell all interview they share their experience from the moment they heard about it, telling their families and the battle against it, some with the support of their partner and family. The Aruban lady has been fighting it alone, but she is now enjoying her good moments whenever she is not reminded being a breast cancer patient.

Feel good moments
During the good days for both the patients and the family there are also some leisure to read. Treats to take (delicious recipes) and presents to give away (beautiful bangles). Cause that is one thing the patients want the most, for once not being reminded of their illness, instead just enjoying being a woman.

More support for Pink Ribbon
I admire people who worked on this year after year. Remember, they did this in their precious spare time, freely but yet they have succeeded to produce a feel good glossy with useful information about breast cancer. Not only for the patients themselves, the women around them but also for more readers.

Samen zoveel sterker: together we are much stronger.


6 thoughts on “Breast Cancer doesn’t discriminate

  1. bagus mbak artikelnya, jadi inget waktu mammograph dulu pernah dibilangin penyebab 90% penyebab breast cancer pada wanita (dan skarang mungkin pria) adalah karena kurangnya informasi sehingga tidak diketahui sejak dini..

    • Terima kasih Sher. Udah kebanyakan orang2 disekitarku meninggal karena kanker. Ini setidaknya hal kecil yang bisa aku buat, tiap tahun bulan oktober post 1 entry ttg kanker payudara.

  2. makasih buat infonya, yen. i was surprised to read your story about having the tumor in such a young age. keep up the good work.

  3. my best friend just recently having surgery because of this, I was shocked when found out, but thanks god she’s still living and still annoying as ever.

    • Love the fact that you wrote “…thanks god she’s still living and still annoying as ever.” Still annoying as ever means she’s back to her old self hopefully.

      Take care Michel and thanks again for your visit.

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