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Interview Radio Nederland

Untuk acara Blogtalk dari Kamera (Kawula Muda di Eropa) Radio Nederland siaran dalam bahasa Belanda, gw diinterview oleh Feba Sukmana.

Yang mau denger bisa klik dibawah ini, interviewnya mulai kira kira dari menit ke lima.

Interview Kamera Radio Nederland

13 thoughts on “Interview Radio Nederland

  1. kaga bisa di play, akhirnya malah dengerin siaran radio nya. td pas buka link yg mbak kasih, disebelah kanannya ada box dengan simbol \”play\”, aku dengerin disitu. bener gak sih? hehehe

  2. Wow, all those bloggers on my blogroll seem to perform on Radio Nederland.

    Though I didn’t understand a word (okay, I did catch a few words like” sociaal-democraten”, “christen unie” and “bule” etc which I know) it sounded as beautiful as Santi’s story.

    To me, Bahassa Indonesia is not so much a language; it’s music.

    • Colson, you have to thank Rima for that.

      I talked about democracy & homo rights here. I also mentioned the leading parties at this moment to describe from which streams the coalition consist of.

      Thanks. WIth a son who is really really fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, I bet you’ve picked one or two words…

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