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I’d like to thank….

Santi D, Miss Trilingual herself who gave me this award, thank you San.

Of course I am more than flattered and honored being called Zen in Santi’s thread. On the second thought, this award isn’t as easy as I thought it would be to write about. Let me see if I can answer this question first, how do you declare yourself awesome without bragging? This act definitely requires an art of writing I don’t posses.

Carry on then, I’ll give it a try. Below are 7 reasons why I am awesome according to moi-même.

I am awesome because:

  1. I am a woman. Loving, caring, nurturing and multitasking, most women in the world do these things with joy.
  2. After having done some soul-searching for a while (between the age of 12  – 32), I found my inner self 4 years ago. I am now at ease with myself.
  3. I was raised with values such as respect, laisser faire & believe in your own strength by my loving parents who provided their kids a warm home to come back to and a shoulder to cry on when needed.
  4. I am easy to be pleased. You can just drop me at the market to do some weekly groceries at the week-end, I could enjoy just looking at what nature gives us to eat for hours.
  5. of the unconditional TLC (Tender Love and Care) I receive simultaneously from my family (especially my husband for almost 14 years and my daughter G) and friends and loved-ones in my surroundings. Yes people, love does make the world go round.
  6. I am proud of where I come from. Being an Indonesian immigrant in the Netherlands makes me prouder (than I once was) of Indonesian cultural heritage and culinary and I gladly share this with others.
  7. I know what my shortcomings are and  I am not afraid facing them. One needs to acknowledge his/her demons in order to be able to get further in life.

So, there they are, 7 reasons of me being awesome without bragging and boasting about myself hopefully. According to the rules of the game I have to pass this award to 7 bloggers on my list. This is a very tough choice because each of them is awesome in her/his own way.

Gaty who writes deep religious thoughts without being self-righteous herself
Toni who publishes respectful threads towards the subject with excellent pics too
Anita is fast in noting trendy subjects and shares these with her readers
Ecky is the Cisayong Girl who is adjusting herself in Canberra now
Indah (let her pics do the talking)
Therry  with her sharply written threads, this talented painter/teacher shares her thoughts
Christin who is just being herself in her blog

Stay awesome everybody!


18 thoughts on “I’d like to thank….

  1. Thanks, the awwsum Yoyen. You wrote your strong points with no trace of arrogance.

    Nos 3 and 5 are so sweet. You are lucky to be surrounded by all those luxurious things.

    • Danke sehr San.

      I don’t know whether they are my strong points ;-). Cuma mau share aja.

      You are right, nr 3 & 5 are not to be taken for granted.

  2. Holla mbak..yes you are an awesome lady! Totally agree.. 😉 we should see each other again soon! I wish you were living in Rotterdam.. 😉 hugs..

  3. Aw thank you for the award, I am flattered 🙂

    I’ll get back to you soon, promise. Ehm if I am not too busy eat Pempek with Ririn hehehe.

    Love your list btw

    • Nah Ther. Udah ditag 2 orang berarti harus ngerjain lho. Why you are awesome? Multi talented, sharp writing & because you are Therryefie!

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