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Mother, how are you today?

Today is mother’s day. Every second Sunday of May mothers are to be spoiled, more respected by their loved-ones. Mothers experience in one day the appreciation being the Family Manager.

The way the loved-ones (husband and children) express their appreciation varies from looking after the Breakfast in Bed, gifts or doing mother’s daily chores, only today.


I wonder, why only today. Firstly  I don’t think there is any mother in the world who wants something in return from being a mother. As you all know, parent’s love is unconditional.

Secondly, I’m not really fond of commercialization of such events. My most memorable mother’s day gift I got was a simple rhyme from G. She wrote that she didn’t always like what I cooked. She hated it when I was mad at her (of course, raising children is a hell of a job ;-). I am a firm mom. I can’t be an angelic mother all the time), but above all she wrote at the end that loved me because I was her mother for now and always.

Me and my daughter G

Me and my daughter G

Last point on this subject, please remember the divorced mothers or mothers who just can’t get a long with their loved-ones due to some reasons. What do you think they feel today? While most mothers are spoiled to the bone, they wait in vain for some signs from their loved-ones at this mother’s day.

So, for those of you who miss you mother, call her and just ask her this simple question “Mother, how are you today?”


8 thoughts on “Mother, how are you today?

  1. Eh komentar gw kok ngga nyambung ya? LOL. What G wrote on the card is so sweet. Naivety of our little girls which won’t last forever ….

    • Yes indeed. We are their role model but for how long will this last? The balance between happy mothers & happy kids are for some unfortunately a bridge too far.

  2. happy mother’s day to you yoyen

    I never realised how hard / difficult task a raising a child could be until I am adult and able to see myself and people around me.


  3. Sending much love and warm wishes to all the Moms here including the owner of this blog 🙂
    …. just thinking of all the great Moms that are no longer with us, but who through their children live on in our hearts and in our minds. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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