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Homo Emancipation

large_533191Gay en Lesbian couples have been able to get married (in a way that their marriage is legally protected by law) in the Netherlands since 1 April 2001. This is one of the Dutch policies Native Dutches are proud of, beside those of soft drugs & legal prostitution.
The idea is still Flower Power, Make Love not War! But this idea is perhaps coming to its end since the new administration, consisted of 3 political parties whose leaders have strong christian background, has limited the homo emancipation (this word is often used by Dutch papers).
Till now, all authorised civil servants are obliged to execute gay & lesbian marriages whether this is against their religions, principals or not. With the current administration, it is now possible for civil servants to object not to execute a marriage of a couple with the same sex. Most of the pro’s (with them is Job Cohen, Amsterdam’s major, the gay capital of Europe) find this a step back to what they call homo emancipation.
Everybody has a right to be happy & pursue this. On the other hand, you can’t force people to do something they don’t believe in.
Me, as a foreigner living here I think this case is indeed an example of Dutch democracy in its purest form.

6 thoughts on “Homo Emancipation

  1. Gay marriages are also common here in Denmark. One of the famous Danish gays is Ole Henriksen, it’s him who has the series of spa / face creme / lotion *rolls eyes*

  2. I have some gay friends and they are so nice to hang out with. One is Indonesian and he and boyfriend went to Holland to get married around 3 years ago.

    Weird views against their ‘gedogen’ have been going around in Holland. I just hope more people with open enough minds and hearts could soften those xenophobic, homophobic and other phobic views. Peace on earth!

  3. Bbrp waktu yang lalu, di California khan sempet rame tth ini ya?

    I don’t even know what the laws are like in Australia. Kayaknya beda deh from state to state.

    Kalo di Indonesia gimana ya Yen?

    • Bener Kat, waktu itu di California kalo ngga salah udah homo couples udah boleh nikah, tapi keputusan dibalik lagi jadi ngga boleh.

      Di Indonesia ngga kebayang deh sampe ada hukumnya ;-).

      Disini aja baru 2 tahun lalu pasangan homo/lesbi boleh mengadopsi anak. Kenapa sih ya ada bedanya gitu? Mereka kan juga manusia yang mau hidupnya bahagia.

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