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May Day

3 May 2009 had been booked in my agenda since 2 months ago. Anita from the famous Finally Woken blog initiated a meet-up between us two, Rima and Christin. I immediately confirmed the day and reserved a space in my empty schedule. Time went by, Rima suggested to invite Indah  (highly recommended Photo Blog) too. I didn’t mind, as the others. We tought, the more the merrier.  Feba, from Radio Nederland came to the picture later on, as Donna and Lely, friends of Rima’s and Anita’s. A couple of days before D-day, the Pelopor couple confirmed to come to this Land Coffee of Indonesian Female Bloggers European Branch.

from left to right Anita Moi Rima Donna

from left to right Anita Moi Rima Donna

Indah picked me up as we agreed at the Rotterdam Station. We strolled about 5 minutes to Grand Palace for a Chinese lunch. Other bloggers would meet us there. So there I was, entering the restaurant and started greeting everybody. Anita’s husband was there too. We began to chat in English, when suddenly Rima, the darling of Indonesia, remarked how funny she found hearing me speaking in English with Dutch accent ;-). I too, had to laugh. Didn’t realise that I sounded that way, was it because of me being a londo ireng already, after 14 years of stay here? Ik weet het niet.

Yep, that was one of the topics we talked about. THE VOICE! I mean, we have been visiting and commenting each other’s blog regularly since last year. So, it is inevitable that  I have started to build some expectation about how their voice would be sounded ever since. You know what? the voices were exactly as I expected. Anita spoke calmly with a lovely voice, Rima was very chatty. You know, she is a singer, even just talking her voice sounded as a nightingale from Brussels.

We just talked and ate and talked and ate (dimsum, crispy Peking Duck, Black Pepper Beef, Soft Tofu and Squid in Chinese hot sauce). Untill Feba had to hold a group interview with all of us for her item, Blog Talk at Radio Nederland. I am curious how the interview would sound. Unfortunately Anita and Pelopor couple (Dian & Ingmar) had to leave directly after the lunch. So they couldn’t join the real coffee drinking session. Christin joined us after we were finished with the lunch. She came directly from Budapest where she spent the week end away there.

Hotel New York Rotterdam

Hotel New York Rotterdam

The original plan was to grab some coffee and some pastries at the famous

Erasmus Brug

Erasmus Brug

New York Hotel (actually its café, we didn’t plan to sleep there) at the haven of Rotterdam. So we took a tram to get there. Pity us, NY Hotel was really full. So we decided to go to another café in the neighbourhood. With a view of  the Maas River and the Erasmus Brug.

dubai_en_china_boycotten_nederland_mediumAfter some coffee, koffie verkeerd (Dutch for café au lait), wine, choco truffeltaart and uncountable bitterballen, we got off to meet Rima’s husband and his friend in the city.

Man, we were laughing simultaneously, chit chatting about hal hal ngga penting (unnecessary subjects) and so on and on. I really had a great time and now am looking forward to meeting these crazy but oh, so familiar human beings again.

PS for more pics, visit Rima’s blog.


15 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Ahh.. you remember the littlest details! All I remembered was what we were laughing about. (which was typical.. haahhahhaa)

    I already miss you and the others.. yesterday was really too short for us.. I think we can spend even a week and we’ll still end up laughing til our cheeks hurt on our 7th day together!

    I’m truly blessed to meet you guys, it’s very rare that you meet people that clicks with you from the internet.. 🙂
    take care ma chere and see you very soon, i hope!!

    • Hahh….hahhh…ha..hhhh. Smoked Beef man!

      The click was there off line. My ribs hurted because of the excessive laughing. We will see each other soon with more stories, more food and definitely more sunshine!

  2. Yoyen, gue udh link blognya supaya gampang kalo besok2 mau sowan ke mari 😉 btw.. kamis ini sibuk ndak malemnya? Gw lagi ngidam tahu telornya Toko Mitra soalnya.. hahaha… udh janjian sama jeung Dian juga buat makan bareng di siytu

  3. pengen ikutan!! (padahal belum tentu diajak..hehehehe), unfortunately, ga bisa pergi jauh2 dalam beberapa waktu ini, karena banyak hal yang masih diurus dan masih keteteran..hiksss.. wish i could meet u guys in the real world 😥

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