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Film Noir on canvas

Film Noir, thrillers with the background of the roaring twenties till the fifties. There is a mystery to solve (mostly a murder) with a femme fatale involved, a handsome detective who of course falls in love with this femme fatale,  the detective’s colleague who suspects the femme fatale of knowing more about the mystery etc…etc…

If my brief explaination hasn’t rung a bell yet, I give you some titles of the most recent films noir with the names of actresses who play the femme fatale in it: The Black Dahlia (Scarlett Johansonn), L.A. Confidential (Kim Basinger)and Blue Velvet (Isabella Rossellini).

Some of the paintings of John Meyer look like scenes from Film Noir. I stumbled upon this marvellous South African artist this week. Please do not mistake him with John Mayer the singer. 

Other artist who paints Film Noiry scenes is the young  Scottish Iain Faulkner.

I chose some of Meyer’s en Faulkner’s oeuvres to share here. Enjoy…

Back to the room, Faulkner

Back to the room, Faulkner


Last call, Faulkner

Last call, Faulkner

title unknown, Meyer

title unknown, Meyer




a convenient arrangement, Meyer

a convenient arrangement, Meyer

well laid plans, Meyer

well laid plans, Meyer

 Unlike Faulkner, Meyer paints some landscapes too. They are also excellent to explore. I chose those paintings above because they impress me in a way that I can fantasize about what the persons on the painting have done, are going to do.

Nevertheless, with or without our own interpretations of these works, they are excellent and worth it to be adored.


4 thoughts on “Film Noir on canvas

  1. The Writer, yes, lovely & incredible, right?

    Santi, heyyyy, you’ve developed some arty view now. You are right mijn schat. These paintings are like Vermeer’s.

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