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Why I detest Radicalism

In Facebook a good friend of mine posted her status that she was missing her puppies. First reaction came from someone on her list, asking what my friend as Muslim was doing, having puppies as pets.

Another good friend, experienced an annoying encounter from someone on her list. This friend of mine added a fan page of Obama on her profile. Suddenly someone on her list started to post warnings on my friend´s wall. These were messages about how evil Obama was, accompanied with Bible verses supporting her opinion. This person didn´t even bother to pay attention at the fact that my friend is a Muslim.

Those two situations above are examples why I detest radicalism. Some fanatics in religions take for granted that others would like to be saved. These people believe it is their ultimate task to spread the words and correct others who don´t act to their belief.

My late father, who was a chatty person, loved to discuss with Jehovah Witnesses. When they came by (we were one of 5 Christian Families in our neighbourhood), my father welcomed them and held a long conversation about Faith.

But hey, radicalism and fanaticism are not just going on in Religion. How about cherishing an idea so badly that you are willing to harm others to accomplish it? This is the trend I see happening with movements against Animal Abuse and Anti Globalism. Activists of the Dutch movement against Animal Abuse blow up cars of CEOs of pharmacy companies due to animal testing these organisations have in their programmes. Some even threaten family members of banks´s employees which finance several activities where animals are used as test material.

Holding on to your faith is something beautiful but yet very private. As I believe practising religion is an attempt to hold a dialog with the Creator vertical way. Or for those who strongly believe in an idea to make world worth living, it is a noble cause. But please Laisser Faire, adopt a ´let live´ attitude, with respect cause radicalism only brings chaos in our life.


19 thoughts on “Why I detest Radicalism

  1. Yes that’s true. Religion is very private I don’t care what religion my friends have, or even if they are an agnostic one, since it’s the path they have chosen. As long as we do kindness for humankind.

  2. Excellent, yen. I feel exactly the same way you do. Indonesian people in general know no boundaries when it comes to this. But it’s really not their fault, they were born this way. I was once exactly the same, but I was fortunate enough to have experiences in living overseas and was exposed to many things, things that would later in life make me more sensitive to these kinds of things.
    great essay, btw!

  3. @ Christin, yes. That’s what I mean, respect for each others is the most important thing.

    @ dmace, according to you it is more beautiful not to have faith, but for others it is :-).

    @ Rima, how true. This custom is something Indonesians get during nurture process. That it is ok to ask what religion some one has at the first meeting, where does one works even what’s one’s income! May I say that you were fortunate enough to experience the other way of thinking abroad, but it is you who decided to let go this nosy attitude? Cause I know enough Indonesian acquintances who have been living in NL even longer than me but still hold on to this custom. Thanks Rim for the compliment, means much for me .

    @ Ami & Sherinesky, welcome at my humble home. Thanks for your compliment and please feel free to comment at your next visit.

  4. Absolutely have to second your post.

    Whenever people think they have found a crucial truth or a set of truths on which they think the wellbeing of mankind depends, they are tempted to go to any length to convert others to adopt the same truths. Especially if they develop their truths into an ideology ( i.c. an established religion or a totalitarian political system) some of them are so excited about their ideals that they are not able to take no for an answer anymore.

    Ideals are great, ideologies are dangerous.

    • Thanks Colson.

      I believe it is about the Evangalisation thing most believers find as the thing the ought to do. That’s why they try to convert as many people as possible.

      Yep, agree, ideals are great, ideologies are dangerous.

  5. These people think that they have to do this for a greater good. I guess this always happens and that’s where the earth finds its equilibrium, there’s always some people who are willing to give up their lives for what they believe in, and on the other side there will be people who remind them to see outside the box.

    It becomes a problem when these people then think the other side is wrong and try to convert others into their beliefs (as Colson said above). However there’s a hope as at least all of us who read your essay agree with you! 🙂

    • Yes Finally Woken. Please read my comment to Colson above.

      And indeed, I’m relieved that all of the commenters on this thread agree with me.

  6. Your posting is very deep . IMHO everybody has a bit of radicalism or fanaticism inside him/her .. it’s just a matter of how to control oneself. Tolerance and acceptance towards others are things that human beings keep on learning yet still failing to achieve.

    • Hmmm, San, I believe in what Colson wrote, ideals are good but ideologies are dangerous because this can wake up the fanaticism/radicalism in all of us.

  7. sometimes people choose the radicalism and fanaticism to hide how weak they are..

    faith is big thing private. no one can influence us about it..

    nice post..
    nice to know you 🙂

    • Welcome Yessi!

      Yet another explaination of radicalism & fanaticism, thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

      Nice to know you too. Looking forward to welcome you here again in my next post.

  8. Really nice reading Lorraine 🙂
    Wah kalau diceritakan banyak pengalaman pribadi yang seru, termasuk dianggap keluar dari mainstream keislaman yang menurut tafsir mereka benar. Dengerin JS Bach haram, ke klenteng gak boleh, ngasih hadiah kaus bergambar anjing ditolak karena najis. Duuuh, kasian mereka yang punya pemikiran sempit. Sebagai orang yang dibesarkan dalam tradisi Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) kami selalu diajarkan untuk toleran (tasamuh), moderat (tawasuth), dan berimbang (tawazun). Prinsip inilah yang saya pertahankan untuk melawan fanatisme buta dan klaim kebenaran sepihak orang2 yang mengaku religius.
    Salam 🙂

  9. Toni: Seriously? Won’t take a shirt with a dog picture on it because it’s najis? Huahuahua…

    So is it the preacher’s fault that they’re teaching incorrect essentials of the religion thus resulting in narrowminded followers; or is it the follower’s fault not to question them? I was actually told that is very wrong of me to question their teachings, because their words are God’s words. Bulls. I have my own mind, my own brain, I can think for myself, will take responsibility on my own action. That’s when I bid adios to religion.

    • Agree Din. One can think for oneself but what if one only listens to what the preacher says and uses this as his totally guideline (which is the ultimate goal being a believer) living his love. With the urge to convert others. This is scary…

  10. Hidup itu lebih mudah kalo ngga terlalu fanatik dan terikat kepada aturan-aturan agama, trust me 😀

    semua orang pada dasarnya lahir dengan kebebasan, bego aja pada mau diatur2 sama yang namanya agama..enjoy aja lagi 😀

    • Gw sih sekarang kalo dipikir2 beragama spt baca menu card. Yg bagus2 menurut gw, gw ambil Ther. Terpenting menurut gw ialah, menghormati satu sama lain. Mau atheis, biksu, beragama kuat ataupun yg baru belajar beragama. Paham ini juga gw anut untuk fanatisme selain agama.

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