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Meeting a blogger friend off line

On the first warm sunny spring day in the Netherlands this year (20 degree Celsius, no wind) I had my very first off line meeting with a blogger friend. As soon as she set the date to come here, I requested a day off at work. She couldn’t have planned our meeting even better concerning the weather and the location. My colleagues were jealous when I told them Thursday that I was about to meet a friend on the beach at the first warm and sunny day of the year.Santi D. and I have known each other for about 9 months now. She has this unbreakable tie with the Netherlands, the country I’ve been residing for almost 14 years and the place where she spent her childhood.

Our mutual interest is foreign languages and the Netherlands of course. I admire her ability in dedicating herself digging information about raising kids multilingually.

So, there she stood at the hall of Central Station in Den Haag (The Hague) yesterday morning. She brought her son along. Right after greeting each other, she sincerely remarked that I turned up to be exactly the same person she had in mind, based on what she saw on my pics and heard through my voice. Funny thing I found, she checked the height of my heeled open sandals I wore due to the post I once posted, 25 random things about me. There I wrote that I love wearing high heels. Leaving the Central Station Den Haag, we went to Van Stockum bookstore. This bookstore is famous of its Nederlands-Indie collection. I recommended her some books (hope you’ll like them San).

dscn0260Afterwards, we took the tram to Scheveningen. At the beach, we just chatted and chatted for hours. I was glad cause the click was immediately there. A friend of Santi joined us later on. Due to nice weather, aimable company & the click between us, we didn’t even bother to take many pics. We just enjoyed the Sun, Sea and Sand (ok, her son did).

Next month, I’ll meet two or maybe three Indonesian bloggers friends in Rotterdam. I’ll of course share the story and more pics here.


14 thoughts on “Meeting a blogger friend off line

  1. You and Santi looked stunning and the weather seemed to agree:)

    I’m counting the days to meet you, Rima, Christin & Indah next month. I’m sure we will have a lot of fun too:D

  2. Niceeeee! Santi doesn’t look like she just recovered from a bad flu at all! You guys look great!

    Kapan gw bisa ikutan yah? 🙂

  3. So the Land Coffee went well! Both of you looked really happy and the weather looked lovely – warm and sunny 🙂

    I’m waiting for the next Land Coffee updates!

  4. asik bener siiihhh..
    next month giliran gue anita yoyen christin sama indah..

    juni akhir jadi gak kalian bedua (yoyen ma santi) ke brussel???

  5. Thanks ladies for the lovely comments.

    The Writer,`you are welcome to join Santi and I next time.

    Finally Woken & Rima, we will have a great time in Rotterdam.

    Katadia & Ecky, I´m curious of your own Land coffee, Indonesian Bloggers Australian branch. Kat, Santi was fully recovered.

    Therry, I´ll meet you somewhere in July in Jakarta (or Bekasi).

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