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Do we live to eat or eat to live?

Being an Indonesian imigrant in the Netherlands doesn’t cause me so much trouble when it comes to Indonesian food. Due to the colonial tie and the immense communities of Indische Nederlanders here, I have no difficulty of finding Indonesian Food Ingredients. Most of them (except kedondong and oncom) are available at this Indische Shop.

Still, sometimes I miss certain meals I used to eat with more than pleasure dsc00017 when I lived in Jakarta. Before I got married I was a spoiled brat. I couldn’t cook at all. Since I came to live here, I have developped a certain cooking skill (under my mother in law’s tuition). For me it is a piece of cake to cook for 30 – 50 people now. However nothing is more appealing after a tiring & stressfull working day to get out of the house, looking for food (like I did most of the time back home in Jakarta) or just sitting at the verandah waiting for the hawkers to come by. There is no need to buy the groceries, no thinking works about what to eat etc.

Antonio Carluccio

Antonio Carluccio

I am an easy eater, love to taste something new and fond of trying new eateries in town. And not unimportant, I love to spread the news when I have found an eatery worth to try. My colleagues at work know this, since they have been giving me birthday presents related to food the past 4 years. One thing they tell me, even during lunch or a cocktail hour, according to them I talk mostly about food & drinks (wine in particular, I don’t drink beer).

I share what I love to eat on FB and Plurk with my (blog)friends. One particular blogfriend keeps making me visiting his blog, on a daily basis to be exact because of his amazing talent for photography. Looking at Toni’s food pics makes me drool and causes me an instant longing to visit Indonesia.

g5gbbcaiep1zzcaaddq4sca23ksrhcatgw1pmcaid4107ca32su26ca1og0w3cavndpx9caii6blbcaab9nsqca95cmjhca7099x4cao33lotcayj2dhmca2jmcn5casp010zcagj3zz5caaa0bx8ca8qq4jhI have been thinking lately whether I have become a real foodie or simply because I live to eat? Cause not only I love to cook and eat, I even buy culinary magazines & read cooking books in my bed. What do you think? Do we live to eat or eat to live?


17 thoughts on “Do we live to eat or eat to live?

  1. i feel your pain 🙂 as it is even more difficult to find indonesian ingredients & spices here but that actually forced me to learn how to cook. like you, i absolutely had no idea how to cook before i came here and I could proudly imitate several of my mother’s signature dishes.

    but still i miss how easy it is to find good food back home. you don’t even need to step out from your door if you’re lazy. lots of cheap takeouts and those food vendors who pass by your house every hour. ah, bless them!

    • The Writer, back then in Jakarta I was only able to prepare Indomie and boil a kettle of water. The problem for me is when I’ve cooked a lot for many people, at the time my guests eat, I’ll loose my appetite. Strangely, this only happens when I cook Asian Dishes (Indonesian, Thai & Chinese).

      Mmm, you don’t have to be sorry for me :-D, as I can refill my stock anytime I want. PS the Kluwek I sent you, I bought it at Toko Indradjaja.

  2. Just like my mum says, there are only 2 kinds if food she likes, delicious & very delicious!:)

    Both mr.mck and I love trying new things -and that’s probably why I hardly miss or cook Indonesian meal. I think our spending for eating out is quite high, so normally my girlfriends will ask my recommendation if they want to go to a restaurant, as I have certainly been there.

    Now my goal is to eat at Michelin star restaurant just to see what the fuss is all about. Maybe someday we could try Gordon Ramsay’s Claridge that can cost £350 for lunch for two people.

    As for cooking, I think Indonesian dish is the most delicious one, but I wouldn’t be bothered to try as it’s normally too complicated and takes too long and too many steps. Rendang is one dish I normally cook but can’t think of anything else.

    And although not as bad as you, I collect cookbooks and recipes.

    Does it make me live to eat?

  3. I also live to eat (you will see that the proof is in the pudding aka my heaven rolls when we meet) and I feel perfectly fine by it.
    I mean, we only live once (if reincarnation doesn’t really happen) and I’m just gonna enjoy it.
    Of course I don’t eat like a pig but I enjoy food and not one of those people who watches every single bit of calorie that goes in. 🙂

    • @ Rima,
      I agree. My life motto is Joie de Vivre in every aspect of life. Food is the most important one. I’m not obssessed with food either. Telling the calories ruins the joy of eating….

      @ Dmace, I am amazed. You are talented then….Or perhaps you are just a good cook. Welcome at my humble home here!

      @ Santi, the French people invented the term Joie de Vivre. So you know enough…Two thumbs up for you, being able to cook Indonesian Meals everyday with two kids. It is not easy…

  4. i’m not a great cook, but somehow everyone is always amazed how I manage to create a meal for 6 with only what’s in the fridge and cupboards.
    I guess it’s a gift 🙂

  5. I love to eat, and love to cook. Husband and I used to dine out a lot before our kids arrived. But now I proudly say that I cook everyday for my family, mostly Indonesian food.
    Still, I consider myself as someone who eats to live, while my French husband lives to eat hehehe.

  6. yoyen, kepikiran juga nyari alternatif dari toko indonesia yang di hamburg itu. sebenernya disini ada toko jual barang2 indonesia (rumahan gitu lah) cuman mahal2 banget dan gw yakin mereka ga jual keluwek. karena mahal itu makanya kadang mending pesen bulk ke hamburg, apalagi kalo urusan indomi 😀

  7. Yoyen, I’d think (based on your description) that you now ‘live to eat’ just because you enjoy it so much; the cooing process, the tasting, etc.

  8. Yoyen, I’ve eaten at The Ivy – the most famous restaurant in London where all celebrities hang out – but it gave me unpleasant result the next day. But I lost 2 kilos in 2 days *grin.

    I have eaten at The Kitchin, 2 Michelin stars, and yes, the meal is superbly presented, all organic, best ingredients, very fresh, and simple but very tasty.

    Maybe you can recommend some 1 or 2 stars resto in Holland I can try out?

  9. Diny, you get the context of my post well. Yes, I enjoy cooking, I even enjoy doing groceries. And I don´t mind to say that I, therefore, live to eat.

    Finally Woken, you can find Dutch Restaurants with Michelin Star(s) here http://www.dinnersite.nl/toprestaurants/michelin. The waiting list for The Librije and Oud Sluis is soo long, when you reserve now, you can get a table next year. I don´t exaggerate. Some restaurants from Bib Gourmands are also worth to try.

  10. Thanks will take a look at it. Although wouldn’t bother for a year long wait list:p as we’re coming down next month so hopefully there’s somewhere available… Hope the price ia descent?

    Can you do me a favour please? I had a typo on my previous comment (using iphone as usual) that I typed eated instead of eaten! Could you please change it? Thanks dear

    • @ Finally Woken, the price of the Librije and Oud Sluis is not that decent, but some restaurants at the Bib Gourmand do have an interesting price set (I mean for the quality of food you get there).

      I did correct the typo above.

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