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My cause: education for everyone

Last week Wednesday I was working late when the cleaning lady came to do her job. I started to chat with her. It appeared that she was a refugee from Iran. She and her husband fled the regime, came to the Netherlands almost 16 years ago.  They have two sons. The oldest is busy finishing his medical school, the youngest one is a second year student Politicology. She told me by doing this ‘dirty’ job (I just quoted her on this) she can support her sons financially as she herself only attended Elementary School in Iran.

When chatting with her I saw a determined mother who wanted the best for her children by providing them the chance to get proper education. Proper education which has become a luxurious good in many countries, my native country Indonesia included. This is a very sad thing because in order to build the country, highly educated youngsters are desperately needed.

There are enough bright kids out there who don’t get proper education because their parents can hardly make ends meet, let alone sending them to school.  As soon as these kids are able to generate some income, they are expected to support the family financially. One other thing I learned from this brief chatmoment with P, non or barely educated people aren’t always stupid when they don’t know anything. They just didn’t get a fair chance to follow proper education.

That’s why I believe in this cause, my cause: proper education for everyone.


7 thoughts on “My cause: education for everyone

  1. From what I have observed here in Denmark, a country where education is absolutely free plus you get a monthly pocket money from the government when you turn 18 and you want to go to the university, a lot of young people actually turning down the offer.

    They think that they could already get by using their high school (technical / business high school) so why bother getting a certificate from a higher insitution. Some young people even said that they didn’t want to continue to high school after the basic 10-year compulsory school.

    When something is free and widely available, people tend to take it for granted. They don’t get the “concept” of parents selling houses / cars just to be able to pay their kids tuition fee. The idea is absolutely absurd to them 😦

  2. Your plea for opportunities for everyone to get proper education is not only just but awfully sympathetic as well.

    At least society should provide equal chances To be born in poverty should not be a handicap to one’s educational career. At least not because schools and universities stay out of reach for financial reasons.

    Equal opportunities is in the interest of the individual, but society will benefit even more when all of the human capital will be exploited.

    So in my opinion in a decent and sensible society education should be a public matter.

    Unfortunately on out globe the one really sustainable part of reality seems to be inequality.

  3. @ the Writer, thank you so much for your addition. I agree with you. Same thing happens here in NL. It amazes me how some Dutch teens drop out from school because of the same reason you mention above. However I think it is too much to ask for Indonesian government to provide free education for the children. Let’s start one step at a time. How about making the education affordable for everyone? At least affordable till high school. Then, teens can decide what to do next.

  4. Colson,

    You wrote ‘So in my opinion in a decent and sensible society education should be a public matter’.

    Yes indeed, a public matter not a commodity comparable to a luxorious goods only available for selected social classes. The rest of my reaction to your comment, see my answer to The Writer.

    @ Santi,

    Yes, I read it. Thanks San.

  5. proper education for everybody. how true. not necessarily mean to pursue a degree, but even just to be able to read, is good enough. reading is a window to other knowledge and you don’t even have to be in a classroom to read.

  6. Din, you get it right! Being able to read, write and train the brains are not to be missed if one will reach for a (bit) fair chance to succeed nowadays.

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