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Some people are not to be trusted

These words above were spoken by my daughter G when we were biking home after I picked her up at school this afternoon. G sounded very angry rather than disappointed. ‘Some people’ she mentioned were her class mates, her so called girlfriends who ruled her out from an earlier planned dance show which would be held due to her teacher’s birthday this Friday.

When we got home, I comforted her with cookies and a hot cup of tea and just listened to her what had happened. I remembered G told me last week about the plan of surprising her teacher by planning a dance show with 5 of her class mates. Today, she was ruled out and her place was taken by another girl. G asked for an explanation which she didn’t get. That’s why she became very angry. I have never seen her being that angry. I told her since those class mates treated her so badly they didn’t deserve to be her friends, cause friends don’t do that to each other.

After she calmed a bit, she asked me whether I experienced the same thing. I did and still do, some times. I added afterwards that I have become stronger after some one treated me that bad. When telling her so, I had that comforting feeling of trying to be a good mom by just being there for my child. At the end, G decided to try asking that girl one more time tomorrow, why she ruled G out. Since G understood that she agreed to put her on the list for the dance show. An agreement which couldn’t be ignored without a legitimate reason for G. I felt her needs to do this to be able to move on.

For some of you it might sound ridiculous but I find this a step ahead in her school of life (yes, she is only 7 years old for God’s sake!). She learned today how to react assertively (she asked the one who ruled her out the reason why but didn’t get an answer).

Children can be mean, adults too. Only adults pack those similar act with fine, subtle words, don’t we?


4 thoughts on “Some people are not to be trusted

  1. I’m totally agree with you mbak… I found out absolutely not ridiculous. It is a one step forward in her life.

    You Go G!!!

  2. Very wise advise you gave her. Agreed … some kids are innocently rude, and some adults don’t outgrow such traits heheh.

  3. Nobody wants her/his children to be disappointed and hurt by life’s experiences. But, you’re quite right: this was one of the lessons to be learned: don’t be too naive and speak up for yourself if necessary.

    I should congratulate her for the fact she did – which indicates she is psychological robust and has parents who do prepare her for life well.

  4. @ J, you have heard the rest of the story. Thanks diajeng.

    @ Santi, interesting. You said ‘….innocently rude’. It’s true, but if this goes on and on, it’s not innocent anymore.

    @ Colson, thanks. I’m glad she understood exactly what I told her.

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