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Winter Wonderland

We have been freezing here in NL since the second day of Christmas. Extreme low temperatures ( – 17 degree Celcius at night and 0 degree Celcius during the day) and snow have produced idyllic sceneries.

plants in my garden, covered by fresh snow

plants in my garden, covered by fresh snow

All canals are frozen which allows us here to go skating or go on a sleigh (see pic of my daughter G on a sleigh).

G on a sleigh

G on a sleigh

Dutch winters have been mild the past 12 years. My first bloody cold winter was that in 1997. That was in January 1997, when the famous Elfstedentocht was held. The Elfstedentocht is an ice skating race on the frozen canals through the 11 villages (Elf Steden = 11 cities, Tocht = race) in the Friesland Province. Fans of iceskating are hoping for thick ice on the canals which would be sufficient for this 200 km long race, since the weather forecast tells us that Jack Frost would be staying in NL till next week.

Today, the Dutch Marathon Ice Skating was held.  Hopefully this would be a warming up before the famous Elfstedentocht.

Ok, I must admit it is not all fun at the Winter Wonderland. I mean, when the snow begins to smelt along with low temperatures, the next morning would be very very slippery.

Till that happens, just enjoy the pics I took from my mobile phone.

Me, standing on frozen canal at the park beside my house

Me, standing on frozen canal at the park beside my house

Greetings from the Winter Wonderland.


9 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. I was quite disappointed for last year we had no snow. But as this year we have a lot of snow, then i think i don’t really like snow.

    It’s beautiful, yes, but its… uhm… slippery 😀

  2. I love your photos. Obviously in Arnhem there is much more snow ( and lower temperatures) then we have over here ( only 50 km to the West).

    The forecasts are that it will be over in a few days from now. So let us enjoy the pleasures of winter now.

  3. Jadi pingin berkunjung ke sana niy.. (^_^) Tapi pas lagi snow eh musim dingin gw yakin gw pasti mati beku, itu udah pasti sebab gw ga tahan dingin. Tapi…… PINGIIIIIIN!!!

  4. Belon pernah pegang salju … pasti romantis sekali suasananya.

    Tapi pasti gak tahan sama dinginnya, di kasih summer yang 16 derajat di SF sudah gak kuat …
    Enjoy the snow Lorraine 🙂

  5. @ Chris, yes it was very slippery. I skipped biking and took the bus instead to work.

    @ The Writer, sorry, agak gaptek nih gw masih kutak kutik disini

    @ Colson, yes there was a thick snow here. The snow fell only at the East Part of the Netherlands. I went skating at Marken at 10 of January. There was no snow, but iIt was also beautiful and very crowded. We had fun though.

    @ Gat, kalo loe kesini, pake thermo underwear dan minum wedang jahe yg banyak pasti anget deh ;-D.

    @ Mas Toni, memang 2 minggu kemarin itu kebangetan dinginnya -8 derajat Celcius siang hari sih biasa. Sekarang temperatur hanya sekitar 0-1 derajat Celcius aku rasa udah anget….Winter Wonderland bagus tuh untuk hunting foto. Fotoku yg disini sebenernya ngga bagus untuk saljunya, karena jadi kebiru2an. The challenge is kalo motret salju supaya warnanya tetep putih difoto….

  6. yes it was so cold here too! I had pictures of lulu covered in snow on facebook. Rama and I were so excited as last year we didn’t have a lot..
    But we’re glad that it’s not as cold anymore now..

  7. @ Rima, now that we had had the worst freezing two weeks I find low temp of 2 or 3 degree Celcius a piece of cake. I saw pics of Lulu covered with snow. Did you guys make a snow man too?

    @ Din, there is sunshine here with low temp. I need more sunshine and warmer temps.

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