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Bonne Année

 My sincere sorry for not updating my blog the past  four weeks. I know it was very rude of me not having announced it that I took a break from here. I have been living in a fast lane. I survived the quite busy week before Christmas (attended 2 Christmas Cocktails at work, 1 Christmas dinner at G’s school and 2 other social events in one week), finished my two school project succesfully and celebrated Christmas with my loved ones. On Christmas and New Year’s Eve I had this serious attack of homesick. It got even worse when I called my mom on New Year’s Eve and learned that my sibblings were gathering together at that time, they were holding a barbecue party at that time, et moi? I was at home with G and Ron since it was very cold here -8 degree Celcius.

Anyway I wish you all an excellent, happy, healthy and succesful 2009!

PS One of my resolutions this year is to up date my blog regularly.


4 thoughts on “Bonne Année

  1. Yes it’s been a while … 🙂
    Apparently you had a great holiday apart from homesick. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Lorraine. Glad to read your blog again 🙂

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