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Help, It’s December!

The last month of the year has just begun. With the festive season coming it would be hard for most people. It varies, from the singles who look for a date for the new years eve party, fighting sibblings who are forced to attend the family dinner together, the divorcés busy arranging the custody dates with their exes so they are assured that the children would be with them and the lonely people who can use a good conversation or two through a special hot line to drag them during the Holiday Season.

lbd2The other side of the story is the Economy. Yes, the economy. Only in the december issue, the glossy’s preach about how important it is to get the right Petite Robe Noir  (The Little Black Dress), how to survive the countless christmas cocktails hours/dinners (including stepping aside the family fights), drinking liters of champagne (the must have brand according to Dutch glossys is Crystal, Moet et Chandon is for the established ones) and while doing this, being able to stay absolutely fabulous (???*??). The culinary mags compete with each others by setting numerous menu’s, you name it, they have it! A simple, beginner’s menu (aka steaming custom, this is about microwave meals), a 3 courses menu for a chef of an Intermediate cooking level and of course a 7 courses menu for the high culinary minded hobby chefs.

The supermarkets seduce the consument for buying things they don’t really need (come on, butter in form of cover-december1a Christmas bell?), kitchen paper cloth with christmas prints on it and tons of food which would be landed in a trash bin cause the buyers would have had eaten too much at the second christmas day.

I guess you get my message. December is a tough time to get through socially, mentally and financially speaking. And you know what, this applies on every society layer. I used to follow the flow, I celebrated Christmas and New Year exuberantly. The past years I have been spending my Christmas and New Year with the loved ones, no social obligations in my private life since I have enough business Christmas cocktails and New Year’s breakfasts to attend. For me that is what counts, being with my loved ones during the Wonderful Times of the year no matter what I feel (I’d be probably extremely home sick by then), wear, drink and eat.

No matter what you plan to do during the Holiday Season, I wish you all good luck with the preparations. Don’t get stressed, chill and stay calm, 2009 will come whatsoever :-D.


8 thoughts on “Help, It’s December!

  1. 🙂 How true, gw udah lama ga lagi repot soal pohon Natal dan segala persiapannya, soalnya pada akhirnya toh Pohon akan kepasang, kue2 siap, dan acara juga berjalan aja kok, so… ya santai aja lah.. (^_^)

  2. Enjoy your holiday seasons Lorraine …
    Stay well and don’t drink too much eggnog 🙂

  3. We will probably spend December in Jakarta just like last year. So December is good for me. Pijet, salon, pijet, salon, makan, makan, pijet, salon. He..he…
    All the best for your December.

  4. Yeah … although we don’t celebrate it, finding Christmas presents for family of my belle-parents is still a difficult thing to do.

  5. babe, im spending xmas in zwolle at my best friend’s place with my brother and cousin. I did buy a couple of moet et chandons, but not crystal, that would just break my bank account.. lol

    where are you gonna spend ur xmas? we’ll be in amsterdam probably on the 26th, just hanging out, and 27th im going to groningen to napak tilas (my great grandad comes from there)..

    I dont know if we’ll pass by arnhem but if we do, i will let u know! (or maybe you could main and jalan2 ke zwolle? im gonna be there dari tanggal 21 sore, although tgl 23 im staying home all day to cook for xmas lunch.. )

  6. @ G, yg gw kangenin repot2 latihan koor untuk malem natalnya. Yg gw sayangkan jadi semakin komersil aja Natal & Tahun Baru.

    @ Mas Toni, thanks! Pastinya bisa lah enjoy, dan ngga kebanyakan minum eggnog ;-D.

    @ Kat, ngiri…ngiri…Pijit..creambath…makan…tidur…dgn temperatur 30 Celcius.

    @ San, it’s true, looking for gifts for your in laws is susah susah gampang.

    @ Rima, I’ll stay home during Christmas, but in that same week and a week after, I have to work. It would be difficult to set a date with you : -( What are you going to prepare for Christmas lunch? Can I join you in Zwolle then? Kidding chérie. Wah, kalo loe sempet lewat sini, kasi tau ik ya. Perhaps we can grab a cup of tea/coffee and appeltaart somewhere in Arnhem for our ‘landcoffee’.

    @ The Writer, yes I know, the negative bank account and also the indicator of the scale would show more extra kilo’s at the end of the month.

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