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Eten Bidden Beminnen

In English is the tittle above: Eat Pray Love. I read this book, by Elizabeth Gilbert, two weeks ago. Within 2 days, I have finished reading it. It is a story of a woman’s journey to the essence of a well balanced life, through Italy, India and Indonesia (Bali).

1Here is a brief summary of the book: After a bitter divorce, the main character in this book travels to three countries mentioned above to find balanced in her life. In Italy (the Eat part of the book), she manages to practice Italiano and eats as many pizza, pasta, geletti and drinks espresso & cappuccino as possible. Gilbert’s description of the best Pizza she’d ever eaten in a simple pizzeria in Napoli hypnotizes me as if I was Sophie (her Swedish class mate in Italian class) who was sitting next to her. The appartment she rents in old Rome makes me want to visit the ancient city.

Somewhere in an Ashram in mainland India (the Pray part of the book) Gilbert forces herself to reach the ecstatic state of mind by learning the Gurugita (chants of Bhagavad Gita) during meditation sessions. Gurugita is a chant to give & surrender yourself to the universe so that she becomes one with Jagad Raya (Sanskrit for the Universe). Her time at this Ashram is destined as a time she is reborn as a human being.

Her last destination, Bali Indonesia (the Love part of the book) contributes her not only friends forever but also a mature lover who respects her just the way she is. She stays in Ubud, in the neighbourhood of Monkey Forest street. Her description about Ubud and Balinese customs is very vivant, lively.

Why do I like this book so much? Gilbert is succeeded in writing about her bitter divorce without sounding like a bitter woman. She is still a perfectionist, but a spiritual one who lets God and the universe show her the path she must take.

Me too, I love Italy (because of the ancient Rome, the culture, the design & cuisine), India (one of the four ancient world cultures, Hinduism, Yoga, Bhagavad Gita & the Ramayana and Mahabharata Epics) and of course I’ve been falling in love with Bali since forever (the place where I met my husband, being proposed &…..I’m fond of the artisans, culture, nature & customs). Yeah, when I read, I can’t help to identify myself with a character in the book sometimes.  Reading Eat Pray Love causes me a joy of recognition through those 3 countries.


Highly recommended!


13 thoughts on “Eten Bidden Beminnen

  1. Nonton saat pengarangnya di wawancara Oprah dan meceritakan pengalaman hidupnya termasuk menahan gigitan nyamuk saat di India. Wajib baca.

  2. wah, what a coincidence, my blog buddy also mentioned about this book in Danish and I told her I remember seeing you writing about this book here

  3. Wah gw juga jadi tertarik Yen untuk baca jadinya. Kemaren2 rada males gw untuk baca buku ini .. khawatir penuh dengan sabda2 gitu hehehe.

  4. Yen, sorry to be a party pooper, but I didn’t think that book is all that good. I read almost half of it, and grew weary of her conversation with the ‘God’. The self pity is getting to my nerve after a while.
    Santi, yes… it’s full of ‘sabda2’ :p

  5. Oooh I feel bad. I have a stack of books which I categorise “to be read later” and this book is among them. I’ve had it forever but haven’t had the ‘kick’ to read it 😀

  6. Thank you all for the comments.

    For those who want to read this, despite good or bad review, happy reading. You’ll be able to find whether this is a good or bad one.

    Those who read this but don’t share the same review with me (Diny, you are not a party pooper schatje), it’s ok. Differences make the world go round, don’t they?

  7. Gue juga jatuh hati dengan buku ini. Sedikit banyak gue bisa meng’identifikasi’kan diri gue dengan cerita si penulis. Dan kebetulan gue juga lagi mendalami hal2 yang serupa..jadi klop deh 😀

  8. Parla italiano sih pengen, tapi entar dulu deh…. gue kudu benerin belanda gue dulu sebelum beranjak ke bhs lain 🙂
    Belakangan ini gue lagi demen hal2 yang berbau soul searching, kebetulan kok nemu buku yang senada gitu. Kayak ‘a new earth’, ‘the secret’, buku ini.. dan gue lagi nyari2 buku2 yang sama tapi belon nemu.

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