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A post chain about Boobs

Diny tagged me to write about Boobs. I promised to do this by yesterday. So, here I am, one day later than planned, try to jot some words about Boobs. Actually I have written a post about boobs in order to pay a hommage to Breast Cancer Patients in the month of October. You can read it here Pink Ribbon.

I’m wondering now what to write about Boobs, Breast, de Borst, Die Brust, La Poitrine, el Pecho. One thing is for sure, no other human organ has dubbel duty such as Breast. Breasts are not to be missed by babies because of its healthy milk, as by men who sexually adore them.

This knowledge confused me after giving birth to G. As I actively was breastfeeding her, my breasts were growing bigger & bigger. In contrary to what my Balinese dance teacher had ever said that I was never to perform female role in some Balinese dances according to eh, my under developped breasts (this was his polite manner to say me having a flat chest), from my seventh months of pregnancy till G was 4 months old I received more and more remarks about my suddenly (for those who not saw me on daily basis) fully grown front.

OK, back to that confusing time. Once, I had an appointment with a British girlfriend in a park. We gave birth at the same time to our daughters. It was late August. G needed to drink, so I looked for a place under the shadow of a big tree and started breastfeeding her, covering myself with the Kain Gendong I had with me. My friend found it very brave of me to breastfeed G in public. She took a bottle of prepared milk for her daughter. I thought It was a natural thing to do, in front of women who were sunbathing in Bikini for God’s sake! Apparently the sight of a mother breastfeeding her child in public was/still is not accepted here.

Another breast related issue I’ve experienced was me desperately looking for the right size of Buste Houder (BH), Bra in my early years in NL. Now, I am really loyal to several Bra Brands. They give the breasts good support as the breasts are also going to be comdemned to Newton’s well known Gravity Theory.

The last part of this post is about me intrigued by Silicon Breasts.  I mean, is it true that women who are obsessed wanting bigger breasts would be really happy after getting one? I can give several options without having a surgery: take a WonderBra, hide gel pieces inside your bra or brush them with blush on darker than the skin colour (learned this trick from a dear make up artist during my years as a dancer). Last but not least, I’m really curious how it would feel to pinch on a silicon breast like Mariah Carey & Pamela Anderson have. I guess I would mumble something like “hey, it does feel like silicon Barbie doll, only Barbie has no nipples”.


4 thoughts on “A post chain about Boobs

  1. Yeah some of my friends still thought breast feeding in public is a bit unusual. Some cover themselves with a piece of cloth. But most of them just do it right in front of everybody. Which makes me a bit uncomfortable, I have to keep redirecting my eyes from them to something else 🙂

    PS Yen, the font color is a bit too light, and a bit difficult to read… or maybe it’s just my macbook?

  2. aaahh… so that is what BH stand for. hah.
    about breastfeeding, i personally can not do it in front of the public; but i support all women who do that. children come first, then the public opinion, right?
    btw, thanks for doing your homework, yoyen.

  3. @ Anita, oops, too fast with submitting my comment. About the font colour, if I choose the darker one, it will not be part of the theme. It is suppossed to be light.

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