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Welcome to my new, humble home which allows me to reveal more of myself, not only in words but in pics (especially those of my favorite paintings).

To celebrate this housewarming thing, enjoy the Nasi Kuning*.

* Nasi Kuning is steamy yellow rice (the colour is from turmeric), mostly eaten by parties such as weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, thanksgivings (a promotion at work or graduation). The side dishes represent 10 different ingredients (meat, fish, veggies, soja, shrimp crackers, omellet etc.)


12 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Selamat ya atas kepindahan-nya di rumah yg baru. Sudah aku ganti alamat barunya 🙂

    ps : itu nasi kuningnya buat sendiri ya? duh cakep banget!

  2. selamat yahhh

    baru mo minta makan2, ehhh udah disediain tumpeng nasi kuning…

    ahhh, dikau emang tuan rumah yang baik yahhhh

    Salam hangat,


    (oot, disini lebih mudah komentnya, gak pake buka window baru segala :P)

  3. Lorraine, is the very narrow column for post intentional?

    Congrats on your new home, if you have questions about wordpress just shoot, hope I could help. Now I’m dreaming of eating nasi kuning, hix!

  4. Ah, you’re one of these people who always keep moving..

    But you’ve moved to a beautiful new home, I have to give you that. I’m especially looking forward to the favorite paintings you are gonna have on the walls…


  5. @ Elyani, thanks. Nasi kuningnya buatan orang lain.

    @ Sil, iya lah, jadi tuan rumah yg baik biar sering mampir kesini walaupun kolomnya terlalu sempet.

    @ Kat, please do so. How about your dancing repetitions for a show somewhere this month?

    @ Ecky, tararengkyu. Gw kalo buat nasi kuning sendiri ngga selengkap yg difoto lauknya.

    @ Anita, yes, unfortunately. it is intentional untill I feel ready to buy & manage my own domain. I fell in love with this 4 columns lay out. Thanks for your kind offer, I still am trying to figure out some stuff here.

    @ The Writer, iya ya, tak kirim pake FedEx aja. Sekarang khan dingin, pasti awet deh dijalan :-D….O ya, aku udah ganti websitemu di blogroll ini. Sorry, kemarin cape banget jadi rada tulalit…

    @ Colson, dank je wel. I love this calm colour theme and yes I am a huge fan of Van Gogh. Watch out, I’ll up load many more paintings I love here.

    @ Gat, simpen aja dua2nya. Yg lama tetep gw keep kok, ngga didelete.

  6. Duh nasi kuningnya dah habis karena telat dateng di blog warming party 😀 . Selamat ya dengan rumah barunya. Salam (Toni)

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