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Image and Identity

Borrowing the terms Image and Identity from my Marketing Teacher: Identity: what you are as a person (sex, occupation, civil status, other status) according to yourself, Image: the way people see you as a person. The ideal situation is of course when Image matches the Identity.

This week I attended a seminar about this. During this event, there was an inevitable session to analyze the difference between Identity and Image. Guess what? 4 colleagues from other department who followed the session in my group were surprised to discover new things about me (yes, this is the reason to hold such session or I was just being very honest..). My image in their eyes was: humble, happy & polite while I am proud to be direct & assertive (I’d come a long way to reach this). I found it intriguing that my Image didn’t match my Identity, so there’s something left to guess about me.

What about you? How do people see your Image and what is your Identity? This without being JaIm of course :-D.


9 thoughts on “Image and Identity

  1. I can be jaim when necessary –> in workplace and all. But it's kind of tiring to do it 24/7 of course.

    I think my friends see a huge difference between my image and my identity (once they get to know me) they usually perceive me as an arrogant – holier than thou – bookworm – royalty who wishes not to hang out with common citizens LOL and once they get to know me they know that I'm completely the opposite.

    *sigh* I really need to work on how I present myself to people

  2. People in my circle see me as direct, galak, mostly serious but can be funny on occasion, honest and talkative. I think that’s what I am indeed.

  3. I think my image and my identity match… most of time.

    People often ask me where I’m from because my accent isn’t French for some reason. And no one at work know of my passion for travel (although they should notice it because I was away for like three months this year 😀 )

    Interesting: I had never thought about the image/ identity thing.

  4. @ The Writer, same like me here. Once people learn to know me better, they would comment something like "L you're not that bad as they said" Funny things about this subject is that Indonesian acquintances of mine here in NL, think I am arrogant and reserved while the Dutches find me direct & polite at the same time.

    Yes, JaIm is very tiring because that is pretending to be somebody you're not. Ah, people like you just the way you are…

    @ Santi, so Your Identity and Image match perfectly!

    @ Zhu,
    Now You have just made me curious about your accent :-).

    I find it quite interesting to read this 'And no one at work know of my passion for travel (although they should notice it because I was away for like three months this year 😀 )'. Don't your colleagues ask you what you will do when you'd be away for 3 months, I think this one is a part of socializing at work.

  5. I think I am pretty good in projecting my identity through my image. 🙂

    Image: Busy mum, fashion dag, geeky, friendly, approchable, non-confrontational

    Identity: Busy and loving mum, wannabe fashionista but seriously lacking any style whatsoever (aka the bargain hunter, practical shoes type), geeky, friendly, approachable, generally non-confrontational but have got principles and assertive at home! Mama’s the boss and Mama’s always right!!!!:)

  6. Hmm,, nice discussion. I am having trouble with these image and identity stuffs actually. I am still kinda in the identity-swing, and tend to present myself differently depending on situations,so sometimes I feel like I dont even know myself anymore.

    But I guess I can start with an image research first, to see what people think of me. then if it’s ok then i’ll do ‘the reputation management’ to myself, although it will seem like I take it for granted. and if not, i’ll do some ‘brand transformation’ stuffs. 😛

    yeah, i guess it’s best to do a gap analysis on myself, really! Thanks for this reminder! Will be useful for work.

  7. People’s first impression about me is “judes”…hahaha…I guess it’s just the way my face falls. Those who know me well know that I’m loyal, caring and a softie.

  8. @ Kat, you are just like Santi. Your image & identity match. I especially love this one "generally non-confrontational but have got principles and assertive at home! Mama's the boss and Mama's always right!!!!:)".

    @ Prima, welcome aboard! whatever you do, please just be yourself. This Image & Identity thing is good as a reflection but don't let this guide you. You will get there.
    Succes nog met je baan!

  9. @ El, judes, really? I think the saying tak kenal maka tak sayang applies on you then…

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