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Dutch ban on sex with animals

Dutch Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin informed the Tweede Kamer (Dutch Parliament) today that Sex with Animals would be banned officially starting from January 1 2009. For those who understand Dutch, click here for more information.

I thought that this was forbidden but no, till end of the year Sex with Animals is not a crime as long as the animal in this case doesn’t experience pain. What kind of regulation is this current one anyway? It is ok when the animal doesn’t get hurt but hey, how can we analyze this? If you are Anglingdarma (a king from Javanese legend who speaks and understands languange of all animals) I can imagine it is a piece of cake, you could just ask the poor animal.

What kind of people prefer to have sex with animals than with humans anyway? Sick people I think or people who turn to be beast.

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9 thoughts on “Dutch ban on sex with animals

  1. yuck… can’t believe that people actually enjoy it, it’s same thing like torture the animal… how can we tell whether they’re enjoying or really in pain?…

  2. @ The Writer, I would sign a petition to make this illegal.

    @ Santi & Ecky, yuck!!!! Let those people have sex with Tarantula or Cobra…

  3. in dubai last year, a bangladeshi was caught having sex with a camel to which he confessed to have fallen in love with the animal. he was sentenced to a couple of months in jail and then deported and the camel was killed.

    In Bali just this month a man was caught having sex with a cow. Again, the man received a short sentence and the cow is drowned.

    I pity the animals. It’s a good thing that sex with animals is banned, because believe it or not, there are many sick people out there who likes to do this and without a specific law about it, they will keep on doing it.
    Rima’s Blog

  4. @ Anita, people who love to have sex with animals are weird, no matter where they are from.

    @ Rima, the camel was killed in Dubai? It didn’t seduce the man to have sex with it, did it? This is weird! The camel was a victim but was also punished, hmmmm I don’t get this.

    You are right, people will keep doing it despite the ban. I hoop that they will at least try to see that what they do is just not right.

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