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Reunion Online

I don’t know whether this is a coincidence but people from my junior and senior high school have been adding each other in Facebook the last two weeks. You all know how it goes, news spreads really fast.

So, there is a group created for my graduating year. I joined this, to my surprise there is a girl (ok, perhaps a bit exaggerating, we are now 36 years old), a person, who attended my wedding party back then in 1995, uninvited! She did this while she never invited me to her parties!!!! I only knew her from the dancegroup, PKC.

Wedding parties at that time (at least wedding parties of my fellow students/classmates) were an onofficial reunion. So, there I was, busy taking best wishes from my guests (for Indonesian standards, my wedding was quite intimate), then she came up. I told her bluntly in front of other ex classmates, that she was not invited (as I only invited 16 people I really knew from my SMA-time).

Call it childish reaction, I don’t care, never did actually, even if my guests saw me as a bridezilla back then.Now I wonder, does she still do this? Uninvited coming to a party while she only invites her own inner circle to her own parties.


8 thoughts on “Reunion Online

  1. Probably 🙂

    Did you ever find out why she have the guts to come to your wedding party ?

  2. Maybe she was starving and without means, desperately looking for a way to get a decent meal and some drinks for free?


  3. Hahaha facebook effect! How funny that seeing a name or a picture of somebody from our past can trigger memories, good and bad alike!

  4. Maybe she thinks you are one of the IT girl, that’s why she doesn’t want to be left alone 🙂

  5. Maybe she thought she WAS invited in her (and your) hearts and it’s just a misunderstanding that you didn’t send an actual invite.

    What did she say when you told her she wasn’t invited?

  6. @ Tere, No, I didn’t. I think she just saw my wedding party as an opportunity to see old school friends (this, while I never was in the same class with her).

    @ Colson, ha..ha..the notorious wedding crasher. My wedding wasn’t fancy though.

    @ San, my husband told me the same thing, FB-effect! Strange, how this can trigger your bad or good memory.

    @ Ecky, 13 years ago, the IT-girl was an unknown phenomenon, let alone me being one ….

    @ Nit, I only invited 16 of my fellow SMA-students, they were invited by name. The invitation cards were sent by post to their home addresses. Her reaction was only grinning awkwardly. She even brought her bf along with here (ok, he was a fellow student too, but had other major, Biology, A2, I hardly knew him!!!)

    I couldn’t think of anything else but one of the 16 invitées must have told her about this and thought that I suppossedly would be ok if the uninvited girl came.

  7. She’s just trying to be a social butterfly, which is sad… because to be a social butterfly one shall not “try”, it should come from one innerself. Nice blog. cheers.

  8. That girl sounds pretty pathetic to me. She probably wants to prove her existence to the whole world (class) or something.

    Some people are quite obsessed with such a thing.

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