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Which causes do you believe in?

Last week I attended an event about organisations in the city I live. I was there to inform people who were interested in Integration Act in the Netherlands.

A lady passed by. She asked me to support a petition against animal testing by setting my signature on a list. I politely refused this. I am against animal testing but some groups could be real fanatic in defending their ideas, and this lady’s organisation (after seeing some brochures she brought with her) was, according to my humble opinion, one of those.

What made me refuse to support the petition was the thought to undermine human life in order to save animals. I can’t follow this idea. I take this for example: a parliament member of the Dutch Green Party, Wijnand Duyvendak. This following information is quoted from Wikipedia English version(for my own convenience, so I don’t have to translate it in English, my sincere excuses for this) ‘In 2008, Duyvendak published his book Klimaatactivist in de politiek. In this book, he described his run-ins with the law, including his 1984 jailing. He also mentioned how, in 1985, he admitted having stolen documents on nuclear power plants during a burglary on the Dutch ministry of economic affairs. The fall-out was severe, prompting calls for his resignation, especially after media reported that the burglary had led to threats of violence against civil servants. My own notebased on what I read from other sources: Duyvendak also published the addresses of the government’s officials in this project and encouraged fellow activists to disturd these officials’ life at that time. Previously, Duyvendak always denied such involvement but he subsequently announced his resignation from the Tweede Kamer (Dutch Parliament) on August 14, 2008. His resignation became effective on September 2, 2008′.

Let me put it this way, I am against animal testing, yes animals have rights too. Me don’t like fur, don’t even find it beautiful. I understand that animal testing is not only about raising animals for its fur, it is beyond that but if there is a need to test some experiences on animals in the name of science, for a better life I’ll opt for this, no doubt.

I do believe in other causes though, such as Accessible Education for Everyone and Nature Preservation for our children’s children.

Which causes do you believe in?

5 thoughts on “Which causes do you believe in?

  1. It’s true that there is something “extremist” about these activists. Sometimes they just push too much and expect people to do whatever they feel like the right thing to do

  2. Some fanatic activists justify almost everything to reach their goal, even bringing people’s life in danger which I totally disagree.

  3. Din,

    I know somebody who is a stem cell researcher, amazing and fascinating to hear from her what science can afford to us.

  4. test things on humans, like terrorists/rapists/child molesters like that incestuous austrian bastard or corrupt members of our government. I’d sign the petition then.

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