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Fundraising Time

The fundraising time has just begun. Yesterday, G came home with a booklet of coupons from Jantje Beton. She must sell 10 coupons à € 1,50. Her opa and oma bought one coupon. The rest must be sold out within 14 days. As I wrote above, the fundraising has begun, so there is not much chance left for G to sell out all 8 coupons left these days as other children in the neighbourhood have to sell them too. She asked me to help her by selling these at my & her dad’s office, poor G, she needs to reach her target :-(.

Starting in September, the time of Collecte (Dutch for Fundraising) begins. The form of this vary, you can buy coupons from Jantje Beton and Kinderpostzegels or donate money in the box for other organisations. Around 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening (most people are at home for dinner as the Dutches eat their dinner quite early), my homebell would ring ca. 3 à 4 times with children (some with their mom or dad) in front of the door carrying a collecting box. I will do the same thing with G this week end (hoping that then the peak of children collecting money would decrease, I expect that my neighbours would give more :-D).

In connecting with my previous post, there are several causes here in NL which raise the Funds annually by collecting money door to door, such as KWF Kanker Bestrijding (with news of the day, ex cancer patient, Lance Armstrong will ride his 8th Tour de France next year!), Astmafonds, Kinderpostzegels to name a few. These organisations are so well-known, people recognize the logo immediately which is positive. KWF and Astmafonds have adults vollunteers to collect money, Kinderpostzegels and Jantje Beton ask children of Secondary Schools to do the fundraising. This is arranged by the board of the school itself.

Till the next two weeks I need to keep my wallet filled with enough cash (€ 1,- coins) to support these causes.


5 thoughts on “Fundraising Time

  1. “Collecte” is Dutch? Funny, same in French!

    I had to fundraise a bit when I was a kid in France… to be honest, I didn’t like it. I was shy and didn’t know how to “sell” my coupons.

  2. I remember my junior high school once asked the pupils to raise funds for the red cross. Glad we didn’t have to do it the years after.

    Does G enjoy doing it?

  3. Now I know where the “kolekte” term in church is coming from. So each kids have to raise funds by selling the coupons. What if they don’t meet the target? This sounds like “pemaksaan terselubung”…minta kok maksa.

  4. @ Zhu,

    Yes, there are many Dutch words derived from French more than you ever expect.

    @ Santi, G loves doing it, she’s very competitive towards her classmates.

    @ El, they won’t be punished if they can’t reach the target. Iya, bener, pemaksaan terselubung, yg jadi korban ya orang tua. Aku akhirnya jual coupon ke temen2 kantorku.

  5. hi yoyen, will there be a ‘punishment’ if a child is not doing it?
    my daughter’s been getting those requests from pto (parent-teacher organization) for fund raising’s purposes for the last two years. selling flower seeds, cookies, this and that. we just don’t do it. and so far, there’s been no form of disciplinary act for her.

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