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Every now and then….

I will post an entry. I promised in my previous post I will keep you posted about this week. Here is the summary of the week, G is sick, she coughs the whole day and night, I am also sick but too koppig (stubborn) to stay at home due to an important campaign I have to arrange which is planned by the end of this month.

Now I have an impression that I kind of overrate my ability to consistently maintaining this blog. I’ve been exhausted when I got home. Please give me some more time to get use to this rythm of living a life I want to live (ssssttt, I am not complaining, aren’t I?). I’d really love to leave some comments at the blogs of everybody’s who’s on my blogroll but haven’t got enough time to do so. I plan to introduce a blogging schedule to myself, for example every wednesday and in the week end.

OK, now the interesting part of the week. My class is cut in a half! When I started studying in 2006 there were 12 students, but now, exactly at the half of the period there are only 6 of us left. The subjects are attractive ones though. For the time being, I will enjoy the readings, researching & presenting the projects which I’m in.


8 thoughts on “Every now and then….

  1. A blogging day? Ha…ha… which day would that be? It’s hard to juggle everything you need to do. Sometimes I get so frustated for having no time for myself. I need to be selfish once in a blue moon. But that’s just not on!

  2. Lorraine, take your time. I wish I can help you babysit G so you can have a blogging day 🙂

  3. yeah me too, i’ve been busy the past few weeks and have not been able to keep posting everyday. once school starts (22 september) i think i would only be able to post like once or twice a weel.
    it turns out i am not superwoman as i once thought i was..

  4. Oh Yoyen, the way you say ‘koppig’ reminded me of my grandmother who happened to be fluent in Dutch.

    Anyway, don’t feel bad. I couldn’t keep up with my own blog myself. It’s understandable dear, you’re a mother and also working/studying. But yes, I am jealous with those single/kids free bloggers who are able to attract traffic to their blogs better than me :p

  5. Dimengerti, buk. Silahkan laksanakan tugas dan kewajiban dengan baik … tapi jangan lupa apdet2 kalau ada waktu :D. Miss you.

  6. @ Kat, even blogging is a form of luxury mothers can't always afford. It is now categorized as me time in my own vocab.

    @ The Writer & Elyani, here I am, trying to follow my blogging schedule (one day later than planned)

    @ Rim, we are still super women, ones with limitations…You will begin with your study next week? Bon courage chérie!

    @ Diny , yes, erg koppig! I don't feel bad, I've missed this online interaction. Perhaps if you notice, I was very productive in posting entries during June till August. Those were school free months. Now, blogging has become a luxury for me.

    @ Santi, miss you too, miss you all. Here comes the up date.

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