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A Minute Maid

Tomorrow, my lessons at school will start again, it will be my third academic year which I expect to be more and more complicated and it will cost me much time to have those projects done on time. For me, this means organising, delegating & blood, sweat & much tears to manage a household, raising my little G combined with busy times at work & countless pages to read.

Man, I wish that I had Rasem (my parent’s maid) here. Having a maid is quite a luxury in NL. With the beginning of the Ramadan, I couldn’t help but think of her. Why? because after the third week of Ramadan, she would have a holiday, Pulang Kampung, to Jati Lawang, Purwokerto, usually for 3 weeks. In her absence I had to do most things by myself (I said most things, although I knew to limit it by only keeping my own bedroom clean & ironing my own clothes, that’s all!).

But hey, I’ve managed well since I came here 13 years ago. You can say I have come a long way all right. From a spoiled girl I have turned into a mother, a minute Maid and a not really Domestic Goddess who really loveeee to cook (cooking works therapeutic for me) but actually not that Domestic at home. According to my humble opinion: a little mess at home is not really a problem, it is a sign that real people live in it!

Surely I will keep you posted about this week. Meanwhile, I wish you all who are fasting good luck. Cherish your maid(s) and let them know you are satisfied with them as their boss so they would come back to you after the Lebaran :-D.


6 thoughts on “A Minute Maid

  1. Hey Lorraine! Good luck with the readings. Is this your last year? I am so glad I have no more school!!!!! Although, I need to correct one graph in my thesis before October. 😦
    Things are getting better with my domestic and childrearing skills. Not ideal but alright !:)

  2. Hmm…di rumah gw keseringan tanpa pembantu juga siy, jadinya ga terlalu terasa, justru pas ada pembantu maka sangat terasa santainya, hahahaaa…. Yups mmg harus lebih menghargai mereka yg ikut membantu mengurus rumah, karena itu bukan pekerjaan yg gampang (^_-)

  3. Lorraine, there are only 24 hrs in everyone’s day, and those hours are divided differently for different people. But all moms I know seem to be busy and have less time for themselves. Salute to you 🙂

  4. Sometimes I cringe to see (my friends and family) who can’t function without their helpers. Those who go to malls with one nanny holding the kid and another pushing the stroller while the parents doing nothing. Those who can’t even boil the kettle (it’s my brother *sigh*).

    Nevertheless, I enjoy going back home because I’d be free from domestic chores for a while LOL.


  5. Veel success, Lorraine! Duh salut gw elo bisa gitu elo ngantor full time, kuliah, jadi ibu, istri, dan jadi embok. Perempuan2 seperti elo emang hebat!

  6. @ Katadia. Thanks. This is my third year. Wow, the deadline is coming for you too. I hope you will have the graph ready by september.

    @ Gaty, gw sih sekarang udah biasa kerja sendiri, cuma kalo lagi repot banget jadi menghayal ada pembantu dirumah disini, which is impossible lah..:-)

    @ Elyani, a true observation of you. That’s why I reserve Me-Time now and then.

    @ Finally Woken “Those who go to malls with one nanny holding the kid and another pushing the stroller while the parents doing nothing”. Last year in Jakarta I saw in a mall a mother with two kids and two nannies!!!! A maid at home is ok but a nanny for every kid? It is exaggerating.

    @ Santi, thanks. There are also many busy mothers like me.

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