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Next Saturday…..

M’s father will die. So I was told by G, my 7 years old daughter, today when I picked her up from school. M is G’s classmate. M’s father sits on a wheelchair, people at school know that he is sick. G told me that M had to share this in front of the class. He is incurably sick, so Saturday next week he will have a doctor execute Euthanasia at home, surrounded by his loved-ones.

As an adult I found this news really confronting. G, she told me this news as if she was telling me about her gym lesson, just like that (snap finger)!

Now, I can’t help but thinking of M’s family. Somebody would be a widow, the children will soon miss their father etc…etc…


6 thoughts on “Next Saturday…..

  1. Because dying is NOT natural, it wasn’t supposed to be there on the original blueprint (^_-), that’s why we grieved when our loved ones passed away, and we feel something just not right when we heard news like this, there’s a sense of uneasiness in our soul, I think it’s because it makes us come face to face with our own mortality.

  2. The word euthanasia still gives me goose bumps … it freaks me out to think that you can actually request your own death.

    Gecondoleerd voor de hele familie van M.

  3. what freaks me out more is that somebody else could decide whether or not to end your life.
    our friend’s brother-in-law has been in ‘vegetable’ state, meaning everything but the brain is working. a week ago, the wife went with a decission to ‘unplug’ his life support…

    and this horrible concept was introduced to a seven year old? why would they do that?

  4. there have been a lot of debates about this subject here. It’s someting new to me… still don’t know what I should stand for. In the one hand someone is dying, suffering and in the other hand my belief doesn’t allow s’one to take out his life…. tricky!

  5. @ Ecky, I’ve been there too. It does still hurt to have to miss loved ones who are not around anymore.

    @ Gat, for me death is a part of the circle of life, only it is really definite. It is a big lost for the family although they perhaps have seen this coming.

    @ Santi, me too. I’d rather look at the cases separately.

    @ Diny, hmmm, has it become more and more accepted in the US? Refering to your example and that Therry Sciavo from years ago.

    You read it right. The little girl had to share this in front of the class as a part of her grieving process.

    @ Lisa, here in NL Euthanasia is legal. It is one’s choice to commit this action.

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