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Today I turned 36 years old, still alive and kicking. Some of my girlfriends here don’t like the idea of being Thirtysomething, a number of them even get paranoid. For me age is just numbers of years you exist on earth. Sometimes it goes parallel with wisdom, maturity & well developed knowledge of oneself as expected by some certain age but sometimes it doesn’t.

Nowadays it is quite normal to have your nose or your face done by cosmetic surgery or even in less painful manner, botox (still wondering about the side effects let’s say 5 years after taking a botox injection??). Where does it come from, the longing for eternal youth??? I imagine in the (perhaps near) future almost everybody would look similar, similar mouth, the same nose etc…etc…..

Anyway, I do feel ‘old’ when I pick up my 7 years old daughter at school and her friends shout out at her as soon as they see me “G, your mom is here!”. And ladies and gentlemen, this happens on daily basis :-). Or at the physician, the dentist or even any other official institutions for example, when I’m called Mrs. Riva, for God’s sake, Mrs. Riva is my mother in law! The name is Lorraine.

I just want to dedicate this short essay for those who are or would be Thirtysomething. It’s just another phase in life which we have to pass. Me, I just want to grow old graciously………


11 thoughts on “Thirtysomething

  1. An inspiring post. Thanks! I am actually one of those who get freaked out because I will be 30 this year.

  2. Happy thirty something… I actually a bit freaked out a week before my birthday because of the number change from twenty something to finally thirty… 🙂

  3. Lorraine,

    Happy Belated Birthday, sweet lady. I’m 6 years ahead of you in life – I’ll turn 43 on February next year. But I feel youth and vigour (in spirit) now than ever before: like I find new adventures learning photography, an increasingly wider world to enjoy through the incredible blogging community and meeting wonderful person like you through your writing. Wish you have many more years of good health and great happiness!

  4. Happy Birthday darling!!! I know for a fact that turning thirty something just makes a woman more fabulicious than she already is.. and thirty something is the new sweet seventeen, so dont you worry your pretty little head..
    mwa mwa!!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, my dear Lorraine!! Semoga makin oke, dan makin sering nulis ya say … seneng baca postingan elo.

    To me, turning old is scary. But with my two kids around, I’m orang tua anyway .. and orang tua should be old, no? heheheh

  6. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

    @ The Writer & Ecky, it is not scary at all being thirty! Enjoy it.

  7. Happy Birthday Lorri! Mwachx!

    Sorry I didn’t visit your blog sooner otherwise the wish would’ve not been late 😦

    I’m a bit freaked out myself of turning the big three-oh, even though I’m only 26 but four years can go so quickly…

    But anyway, age is just numbers right?

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