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So what?

I began to work last Thursday after having 3,5 weeks summer holiday. Gradually the work floor has been filled with tanned colleagues returning from a vacation in a warm country.

It is a sort of etiquette to ask how the holiday was, even if you are not really close with those colleagues. This morning, I made a chit chat with several of them. I noticed two of them were really disappointed during the holiday because everything didn’t go as they wanted. The complaints varied from the location of a hotel room to food, from the souvenirs boutiques to public transport. And this, to think that they were only 2 weeks vacationing abroad!

I mean, come on people. Within 2 weeks you can not judge that a country is not suitable for a holiday. Within 2 weeks you can find restaurants who serve tasty food. As to souvenirs boutiques and public transport: ignore them, hire a car or don’t buy souvenirs at all!!! I admit that those souvenir vendors on the streets could be very annoying or people who grab your blonde hair to check whether it is not a wig too, but still I don’t like this way of thinking.

It is that these people think a well earned vacation (where everything goes well, to their satisfaction) is nothing but normal because they had worked hard the whole year. One important thing they forget when vacationing abroad, things are simply different than their native country. Instead of trying to make it work, they just had been bitching around about how everything went ‘wrong’ in their eyes. I told them that they could change the situation by looking for alternatives or just try to look things at the bright side. Not much effort needed to make your well earned vacation a successful one!

PS countries where everything went wrong on vacation were Greece and Turkey


9 thoughts on “So what?

  1. It’s the same here. Perhaps it’s their nature to complain or maybe they had too high expectation over their holiday.

    But then again, I already feel lucky if I get a chance to go on holiday. Any kind. I desperately need one now *sigh*

  2. Exactly, I think they have too high expectation over their holiday.

    High expectation is ok as long as you don't keep complaining and do nothing when everything doesn't meet your high expectation. Do something about it!

    Any kind of holiday is welcome! The idea is to recharge yourself & get away from your daily.

    You are going on holiday, aren't you?

  3. Maybe those people don’t read enough about the country of their destinations .. you know about the behaviors, people, facilities, etc. Plus, probably they never lived in another country. Combination of minimun info and no experience of living overseas make them think only from one perspective. Of course, this is just my humble opinion.

  4. Lorraine,

    Jangankan antar negara, orang kota yang sengaja jalan2 ke desa saja kadang2 ngeluh begini begitu. Niatnya mau tukar suasana supaya lebih dekat dengan alam, tetapi gara2 HPnya gak dapat signal saja sudah kebakaran jenggot, padahal katanya mau liburan 🙂

  5. @ The writer,

    In my previous reply above I missed one word: The idea is to recharge yourself & get away from your daily LIFE.

    Yaaa, asik yg mau liburan. It is about 2 weeks.

    @ Santi,

    Dutch people travel a lot, also abroad. Some have read some books about the country of the destinations but yet they got disappointed to have to experience when things don't go according to their expectation. Between the line, there's an attitude such as It happens to others, not me!. Bovendien, sommige mensen willen altijd waar voor hun geld krijgen, wat er ook gebeurt, snap je?

    @ El,
    Moso gitu sih? HP ngga ada signal terus heboh padahal lagi liburan.

  6. This is the second time I heard about bad holiday experiences … from people who visited Greece.

    The first time was from Marian Keyes’ book “Under The Duvet” in which she described a holiday that went all wrong – luggage were missing, weather was crap, tour guide being shifty; the works!

    And it scares me a bit b/c I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini!!!

  7. Lorraine… You should tell you colleagues that at least they’re not travelling with an infant and a toddler! LOL.

    I guess I can see where they’re coming from. A long-planned holiday after a year of hard work. All these expectations of a stress free period.

    I myself get a bit nervous when my friends travel to Indonesia. I would hate hearing their horrible travel tales. But so far, they’ve come back to me with good stories. Aaah. Lega!

  8. @ Therry, My husband has been to Santorini & other Greece Islands several times and he had a terrific Holiday! The same with a dear friend of mine who visits Greece every year.

    Those two people in the entry nagged about how their holiday was ruined by too expensive souvenirs and unable to find descent food (= french fries & other Dutch delicacies) for their kids (yes Kat, one of them traveled with kids). My point writing this post is when you are abroad on a holiday, you cannot expect the same things as in your native country. Of course, there are such disastrous holidays as mentioned by Marian Keyes.

    @ Katadia, you got it right! Funny to read that you get a bit nervous when your Ozzie friends travel to Indonesia. My Dutch friends also ask me how the situation there whenever they want to travel to Indonesia.

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